the instructions for downloading and installing Skype on a laptop

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Instructions for downloading and installing Skype on a laptop

Now using laptop and network access you can contact a person from anywhere in the world! Stay in touch and maintain communication with relatives, friends, colleagues or just acquaintances. And to make it better just by using IP-telephony. This technology is so simple that it can master even the most inexperienced users.

In this article we will talk about the possibilities of this program for IP-telephony, as well as the advantages of its use and distinctive competitive qualities. After reading you will surely want to download the program Skype on the laptop and begin to communicate.

Review of Skype for laptop

The main advantage of the program is the opportunity to communicate absolutely free of charge. And good call quality, fast data transfer and calls to mobile and landline phones — what you need to always stay connected.

Advantages and disadvantagesИнструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

Among the advantages we can mention:

  1. the security of your information from being intercepted;
  2. low cost calls to phones in many countries of the world;
  3. you can use Skype on your tablet, mobile device or laptop.

However, the application is not complete without the negative aspects:

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

  • sometimes the communication quality may deteriorate;
  • the conversation is interrupted occasionally spontaneously;
  • suitable only for unlimited Internet (average traffic per month is 2 GB);
  • the constant threat of the ban in different countries.

Free and paid services

Users can use both paid and free services. Among paid:

  • calls to landlines or mobile phones. With tariffs can be found on the official website;
  • the online room. Allows you to receive incoming calls from different countries;
  • voice mail. Record incoming messages, or answering machine;
  • sending text SMS messages.

    Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

Free features:

  • the connection between the registered subscribers;
  • exchange of chat messages;
  • fast file transfer to the interlocutor.

Features of the program

Skype is a convenient tool that allows you to be independent from its location. It is not difficult to share interesting moments of life with his companion, to tell an interesting story to relatives, to celebrate the birthday of his friend, which is located at a great distance. In addition, you have numerous ways to do it!

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

Communication will not hit your pocket, even in the case of landline or mobile phone. And by making a small money to your account, you will see even more possibilities.

It is also a great helper in business: it is now possible in a very short time to gather for conversation of all employees, and add to the friends list of all their colleagues.

Consider all the functions in more detail.


You can make calls to landline or mobile phones in Hong Kong, China, Canada, GUAM, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Puerto Rico. Landline calls supports even more countries.

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

You can:

  • you can make free calls anywhere in the world from your device at any time of the day or night;
  • to call landlines and mobiles at any distance (in countries that support this feature), good saving money;
  • when you register you are given a personal phone number that can be used by your friends to contact you.

You can either pay for each outgoing call, or to subscribe for a long time. The application offers no long-term commitments: you can use paid calls only when you want it.

Video calls

To use this feature, can without exception, all owners of laptops, which are equipped with a webcam.

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

The distinctive qualities of the program:

  • video calls to a friend or communicating with a group of people;
  • a great transfer picture on the monitor;
  • incomparable sound quality when talking and low bandwidth consumption.

Thanks to these advantages, the application has found use not only on desktops or laptops, but also on modern smartphones. Talking with someone, you see the user on the screen, and the user sees you. It is very convenient, especially if a loved one is at a great distance from you. Also video calls via Skype is a useful tool if you urgently need to solve any issue at work.

Chat and messages

If you have no time or opportunity to call the person, you can always write him a message which he instantly.

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

The advantages of this method of communication is the following:

  • for the message do not need to pay;
  • messages interlocutor come instantly;
  • integration with social network Facebook (you can send your friend a Facebook message from Skype);
  • you can send SMS to mobile phones (you can pay for every message or to order a subscription, for example, for a month).

Other features and functions

In addition to the three main the features mentioned above, it is possible to obtain additional functions. It should be noted that most of these services are free and to get even more capabilities you need to Fund your account and to use paid services.

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

Among these additional services are:

  • advance payment (for calls to mobile and landline numbers);
  • subscription (especially useful if you want to use the app instead of the ordinary landline phone);
  • premium account (allows you to chat simultaneously with a group of people, the maximum number of participants is 10).

How to download Skype on laptop?

It is best to use software that can only be found on the official websites of manufacturers. Download skype for laptop for free everyone can.

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

To do this you need to make these steps:

  • type in the search engine query, type «Download Skype»;
  • go to the first website in the search results (aka official);
  • once logged in, you will immediately be redirected to the page where you can download the application file;
  • click on the button «download» and expected the download.

Though the website and executed in the English language, but Russia it immediately opens the page in Russian language, which is especially convenient.

Users there are two versions: 2.5 and a beta of 2.6. For people who do not particularly delve into the field of IP telephony, we recommend that it is the first version of the product. No need to search for the app on other sites, because in this case you can download non-Skype or to catch the virus.

Install the application on a PC

After you save the file to your laptop you need to install:

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

  1. after opening, put a tick (agree with terms);
  2. click on the «Install»button;
  3. click «Next»;
  4. wait until the installation is complete, start the application.

After installation Skype will prompt you to register immediately in the server. For this you choose the most convenient network name and password for access.

As this network was more than 113 million people, you need to come up with a unique name, for example, Андрей11223435.

Инструкция по скачиванию и установке скайпа на ноутбук

Also if you don’t want the hackers hacked your account, in any case, do not select as your password: your year of birth, surname, company name, and other easy passwords like 111111

By registering, the program will recommend to check whether all equipment works on your laptop. In this case, you need to:

  • select the tab with the test call;
  • click on the green phone at the bottom;
  • after the test completes, click on the red tube.

You can observe that on the panel there is another tab – «History» which will display your calls along with time and caller name. In order to connect with someone, simply only the blue arrow. If you want your friends receiving more information about you, then you can fill in information about yourself.

To make this quite a simple operation, you should:

  • click on the personal name in Skype;
  • click «Edit my info»;
  • in the opened window enter your data (name, surname, date of birth, place of residence);
  • to put on the avatar your photo or picture;
  • specify the email address.

Video: download and install Skype

Installation and registration will take only few minutes, after which you can immediately start communicating with your friends. In addition, the application does not occupy much space on your hard disk, which in some cases is very important.

In order to expand the circle of communication, you need to use the search function of your contacts. Choose language, gender and age, place of residence and meet.

Online you can find anyone, if you know the username or email address. As found the right person, click «Add contact».

Today Skype is the most popular means of IP-telephony, which is used by most users around the world.

With the help of this tool anyone can make calls or video calls, to write messages to the interlocutor, to enjoy all we offer broad functionality.

A large Arsenal of features and capabilities, free services and simple interface – qualities that will appeal to each user’s PC or smartphone.

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