the instruction to change a local disk to Windows

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Instructions for changing a local disk in Windows

Different situations arise. Sometimes after reinstalling OS, when you connect multiple hard drives or as a result of software failure, you may need to urgently change the letter name of the partition or disk.

It would seem that a simple operation! However, there are many nuances, which should adhere to or, conversely, to avoid performing the rename.

Why rename

Rename the hard drive partitions may be needed, at least for the convenience, especially when you have to work with a lot of hard and portable drives. To avoid confusion in the sections and devices can each give your name, depending on the purpose or content, and this will greatly simplify your work.

Also, rename local disk is simply necessary. Such situations occur when the operating system was installed with a connected drive that is not used permanently on this computer. In this case, Windows will consider employment the mapped drive letter, resulting in the usual DVD-Rom drive letter is D or E to turn into X.

Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

Faced with this problem, there are two solutions:

  • to assign a name to the disk, then the corresponding;
  • to change the partition letter and try to reorder them.

A similar situation can occur when working with multiple programs, through which you can access the images. Each application will create a virtual disk and, accordingly, will appoint him a letter, then they have become too much.

But you may need simultaneous work with 2-3 images, while you can still count the partitions of your hard drive or several and add there connected directly and via network devices (DVD-Rom, flash drive, floppy drive, network folder). Working with such a list will not only cause difficulties in finding the required section or equipment, but may cause failure, in which some letters are messed up.

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A General method

To change the name of the local section may need to each user and at any moment.

You can do this in two simple ways:

  1. using the context menu;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  2. control panel computer.

We should clarify that to change the settings, you will need system administrator rights.

Context menu

The easiest and most reliable method available in all versions of the Windows operating system is to use the context menu of a folder.

To perform the necessary tasks you need to consistently do the following:

  1. open «My computer». This can be done in two ways: «Desktop» user or the «start» menu;
  2. to select a local partition or device;
  3. to call the action menu, right-click the manipulator the mouse;
  4. select «Rename»;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  5. enter the desired name and press the «Enter»button.

To edit the label of most drives and devices, select the necessary folder in «My computer» and pressing «F2» key on the keyboard.

To change the name for any device and partition and the system drive is no exception. The name will not affect file locations and the path that leads to them. Also this action does not affect the system, so you can experiment.

Computer management

The second method is a little more complicated.

In order to rename the volume label of a drive via the control menu of the personal computer, do the following:

  • open the «start menu» and launch the «control Panel»;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  • go to «Administration»;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  • open «computer Management»;
  • go to the menu «disk Management»;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  • to select the disc whose name you want to edit, and launch the «Properties»;
  • in the General tab, enter the required name and press the «Apply»button.

Menu PC control can also be accessed using command «compmgmt.msc». To do this, you must start the Run function, or by using the search bar in Windows 7 and above.

Change and the choice of letters

If you want to change the letter and, accordingly, the display order of the device or partition in the list, you need to consider that this may affect the system and run the application. After surgery can stop you from opening programs that are installed on the local disk, as well as those that refer to him or the store where the piece of information, e.g. databases.

To change the letters you need to perform a sequence of actions:

  1. go to the menu «start» and open «control Panel»;
  2. go to «Administration»;
  3. run «computer Management»;
  4. click «disk Management»;
  5. right-click the mouse to display a menu of actions, pre-activated the allocation on one of the volumes;
  6. click «Change drive letter and paths…»;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  7. ask one of the following: «Remove» or «Change»;
  8. select the desired letter;
  9. click «OK» and wait for the operation to complete;
  10. confirm that you want to rename.

After you have made changes, you must restart the computer to apply them. If in paragraph 7, you select the action «Remove», this can lead to the fact that the section no longer appears in the list of folders «My computer», or the letter will be set automatically after a system restart.

The «Delete» button should only be used in case there is a need for amendments to multiple local partitions to free up the letter for some time and later assign it to another partition.

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How to rename hard drive in Windows XP

Windows XP OS is the easiest to control and is familiar to almost all users. If you need to change the drive letter (A-Z) hard drive, you will need administrator rights, but if you just need to change the volume label, not for me. You can use the method name via the context menu.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. select the desired hard disk;
  3. right-click the mouse to display a menu of actions;
  4. select «Rename»;
  5. enter the desired name and press «Enter».

Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

After such changes you need to reboot and you can work on. The name for the hard disk you can use any, as in Latin and Cyrillic. However, if you are running with older applications that are run using MS-DoS shell or command prompt, it is recommended not to use Russian names.

To change the letter to a local or network drive, you can use the previously described operation, and then will need a system restart.

Windows 7

The process of name change in Windows 7 is almost the same. If you need to edit the drive letter, you should consider some of the features. To change the volume label, do not need to restart your account. However, to edit the letters need Admin rights. So if it requires a password, you are prompted to enter authorization data.

Find the option «disk Management» in this version of the OS in two ways: using the search bar in the start menu, typing back an appropriate phrase or control panel. The menu may differ a bit from Windows XP.

In order to proceed to the choice of letters, you must perform the following steps:

  1. open «control Panel» using the menu «start»;
  2. select «System and security»;
  3. find the option «Administration»;

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

  4. download «computer Management»;
  5. to start the tab «disk Management»;
  6. by activating the appropriate section, right-click, choose «Change drive letter or paths».

Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

After that all actions correspond to Windows XP, it is necessary only to select a letter, confirm the action and restart the system.

Windows 8

Operating system Windows 8 user interface has undergone a global change. However, most of the features, applications, and possible actions are left with the same names.

Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

The tiled interface does not allow the use of «start menu» the same as before. So go to «control Panel» simply using the search box that appears in the Central window at system startup. There is a need to enter a phrase that will correspond to the necessary options, and press the «Find»button.

In this case you can use «control Panel», «Settings» or «computer Management». Menu «Settings» you can also call by pressing the left button of the manipulator in the right corner of the screen in the tray.

Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

The rest of the steps to change the name or drive letter is virtually no different from Windows 7.

Is it possible to change the boot partition drive (C)

The boot partition can be changed by editing the settings of registry entries. This often leads to inefficient operating system. Despite this, the way to change the system drive letter exists. This can be done by reinstalling Windows.

Also, this operation can be performed with programs that can control the boot area and allow you to edit the hard disk settings, not formatting it. Such software include Acronis, Partition Magic.

Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

If you do decide to edit the registry, be very careful, because one incorrect entry or the changed setting can lead to the fact that the operating system no longer starts. Before doing this, create a copy of the file registry and restore point of the Windows OS.

To edit the registry by running the command «regedit» in the search bar of the start menu, or Run command.

To change the settings on the local disks, you need the following path:

  1. category HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE;
  2. select a partition SYSTEM;
  3. subparagraph MountedDevices;
  4. record the system drive would look like this » /DosDevices/C «.

    Инструкция по изменению локального диска в Windows

To change the drive letter of the boot drive need to change to any other.

If you have any need to change the name or drive letter of any drive, you can always do this, thereby providing a more rapid and comfortable handling of the data stores.

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