the instruction for formatting the HDD — Acronis Disk Director

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Manual for the formatting of the HDD — Acronis Disk Director

When you need to move partitions without losing data or format your hard disk, it is better to resort to auxiliary tools. Now there are many packages for data recovery and formatting. Of course, you can use the features of Windows, but sometimes without auxiliary programs can not do. One of these will be discussed below.

What does?

The formatting function allows you to start a “life” of the computer on the selected device from scratch. It erases all information on the data carrier: the user profiles that you have installed the program, operating system. But most importantly — with them the viruses.

Due to this somewhat radical method of cleaning information USB storage device formatted for the device you can install a new OS or reinstall the old.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

By its nature this process is divided into two subspecies:

  • high-level (software);
  • low-level (hardware).

In the first case, re-formed file system and tables.

In the second — on the surface of the hard disk at the hardware level is applied to position information of the sectors (clusters) in it.

This allows the head of your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to more accurately navigate on its surface.

Video: format your hard drive

Working with HDD tools Windows

High-level formatting easily carried out by standard means of Windows. In order to carry out a similar procedure on any external device, simply insert it into the USB port and click the right mouse button.

In the context menu select format, then hold the select the file system and start the cleaning process. This method is the fastest possible solution.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

However, in order to remove the hard disk the operating system if present on your computer in a single instance, you will need some more knowledge: its removal is possible only through the debug mode and the use of special operators in the command prompt (cmd) that can hold not everyone.

It is performed in several steps:

  1. the computer restarts and the screen prior to the beginning of the boot Windows, the buttons are pressed to enter the BIOS. Typically, these buttons are Del, F2, F4, F10 and F12;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  2. in the BIOS, more specifically — in the Boot menu (run), activates the ability to boot from an information storage device or CD/DVD ROM;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  3. click F10 to save the settings, confirm and exit. Do not forget to insert the device with the system being installed in the USB connector or the drive;
  4. seeing the loading screen of the installation program and follow the instructions of the installer, go to the choice of the drive on which you will install the new OS.

From this point we have two options for further action:

  1. existing set of tools with the program click settings and then formatting.
  2. then either press a combination of two keys Shift and F10. Will open a standard command prompt.

And again a number of actions:

  • enter diskpart and run the program, specially designed to work with the railway;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  • enter the command list disk and see the list of all connected to the computer hard drives;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  • select the desired hard drive. Usually determined by the amount of space and enter the command sel dis #, where # is the number of the necessary disk.
  • look, whether we made the right choice. Check, enter the command clean — it will format the selected device;
  • twice enter exit. The first exit diskpart, the second will close cmd.

After a successful format we will need to update information about existing drives and re-assign partition sizes. But high-level cleaning of the hard drive — not the best option, especially if it has bad sectors: performance is significantly reduced, but periodic freezes and other “charms” are an integral part of the work. With a low level format will help only special application.

Program to format hard drive Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director is probably the best program to format hard disk today. User-friendly interface, high reliability and high quality results make this app a tool number 1 in the prevention of “illnesses” of your HDD.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

Used by professional computer guru, it allows you to perform a lot of operations when working with the media. Venturing into the very structure of the program, it is easy to understand why she is so loved and even revered by many people, whose activities are somehow related to computer craft.

The Acronis is a complete and, importantly, a convenient tool for working with hard drive, known to the public is not the first year. Let’s find out why.

Features of the program

Arsenal Acronis Disk Director aimed at maximum facilitation of the communication of the user with the hardware of the computer. This is manifested in everything: detailed tips will help beginners, only mastering it, you will not stumble during this process, and the possibility of absolute control actions allow professionals to achieve exactly what they want in the end.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director — is a universal program for deep formatting the hard drive. Thanks to her, a breakdown of the disk partitions does not seem to be anything difficult, as it would be, with the same standard Windows tools.

You can always with mathematical precision to provide for the future of the disk exactly as much space as, in your opinion, will be enough.

In addition, you can transform the finished sections:

  1. primary — the ones which will load the operating system first and foremost;
  2. active — they are installed for additional operating systems;
  3. logic is performing the role of storage for programs, data and other information of a personal nature.


In the previous section are not enough to fully reveal the potential of this program, because in addition to features, it has several useful functions.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

We propose to consider them closely:

  • free transform partition HDD between static and dynamic volumes;
  • save backup current operating system: with files backup on external media, you can avoid the need to install software again after clearing — just unzip the file and your system will be back in the saddle;
  • recover accidentally deleted earlier sections;
  • transformation boot record from MBR to GPT and Vice versa without using the command line.

Looks good, isn’t it? However, the striking fact that all this really works, and flawlessly, and is equipped with a fairly detailed manual and certificate, which will help to find a solution to almost any supplied before the question.

The process

As mentioned earlier, disk cleanup from existing data can happen both on hardware and on software level. But as it happens, the mystery is small, but quite interesting.

We’ll start from smallest to largest. A high-level option is of two types: quick and full. In quick, there is a complete overwrite of the file system of the recording medium.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

The latest standard is the NTFS file system, offering high performance and ease of organization of data storage.

Full high-level formatting preliminary scans your entire hard drive for bad sectors and then tries to fix them. And only then comes the entry of the file table for the device itself.

Low-level option redistributes on the surface of the disc space, re-creating paths (tracks) which are subsequently reset management program. This method takes the most time, however, it is demanded to maximize the recovery operation of the solid-state media.

After conducting one of the above procedures, the disk is only one file system all partitions will have to create his own, manipulating the free space of your hard drive.

Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director is the best to cope with this task. To run the program as possible from under the shell OS, and booting from a flash device. If the first option everything is clear, then for the second we need to enable support for boot drives in the BIOS. How to do this was described above in the section “formatting an HDD with Windows”.

Let’s step through the whole procedure:

  • first, we need to create a bootable drive. For this we need to format the flash drive and run pre-installed program;
  • Wizard to create Acronis bootable media Builder, located in the menu “tools” and following the instructions, create, finally, a ready tool for formatting;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  • reboot the computer and load it with new boot;
  • the window opened, you can use several provided by the creators of the operations. Select “format”, confirmed, awaiting completion of the process;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  • now formatted disk can be re-partitioned. Fortunately, the program facilitates this process to the possibility of its routine by the user. Simply select the appropriate operation in the left menu.

The pros and cons of Acronis

The program is paid, but the developer has provided the possibility of using the trial (demo) versions of their own product. It is noteworthy that, despite the limited period of use, as such there are no restrictions: user can enjoy the full functionality of the program over the entire period. Of the minuses can select only a fairly “decent” for normal user.

The advantages also include:

  • easy to use, friendly and clear interface;
  • the possibility of action with flawless precision;
  • wide functionality, allowing to make the most from the process of cleaning the HDD and its partitions. It does not take from you a lot of time;
  • Russian language support;

    Инструкция по форматированию HDD - Acronis Disk Director

  • the ability to create backup disks.
  • extensive help, ready to answer most of the issues when working with the app, questions;
  • low consumption of system resources and, as a result, high speed operation.

Taking into account all the features of Acronis Disk Director, not to highlight that this app will help you to most efficiently carry out cleaning of external or internal data storage devices of any level, break it into sections, and much, much more. Its quality and reliability grow with each new version, the functionality is constantly expanding, and opportunities — increase.

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