the instruction for clearing the cache in the browser Google Chrome

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Instructions for clearing the cache in the browser Google Chrome

Each page you visit through a browser, is partially preserved in the cache. The program automatically does this in order to speed up page loading and display of «hard» data: drawings, photos, animations and videos the next time you visit. Caching of web pages not only saves you time, but also traffic, which is important for those using tariff packages and mobile providers.

Why clear the cache

Sometimes the number of pages is so large that the cache takes up a lot of space on the hard disk of the user. As a result of failure or improper closing of the browser cache of the same page may have accumulated over the years. Generated before you load data from the global network will look for the ability to display of the saved files. Multiple copies not only slow down the selection of the necessary data, but can also load the old and irrelevant images.Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

Especially often problems arise with cache for resources with adaptive and frequently changing design or provided with animation (e.g., online games, chats). These pages require constant data updates. Thus each failure of opening or closing adds a new copy in the repository, which will become a problem in the next display.

Methods of cleaning

Modern browsers have many flexible options and allow you to clear the accumulated data in a variety of ways: as using hot keys and manually editing the settings of the program.

Before you start cleaning junk files, you need to carefully select the deletion options in the browser, as with the page cache you can clear the saved addresses and login forms on websites.

In order to avoid problems, make sure you remember the necessary authentication data for your user accounts (login, password) or check off the appropriate section.

Video: clear the cache in Google chrome

Menu setup and control

The easiest way to clear cache in Google chrome – are the standard settings menu. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. open Chrome browser;
  2. display a menu of configuration and management using a special button with three stripes in the upper right corner of the window;
  3. select «Additional tools»;

    Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

  4. click «Delete browsing data…»;
  5. in the resulting window, checkmark the required cleaning parameters;

    Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

  6. select the period for which you need to perform extraction;
  7. press the button clear history.

    Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

After some time, which can vary depending on the number of files to delete, the program will display a message about the end of work.

The command “ chrome://history/ “

Chrome has become one of the most popular browsers thanks to the many settings and plugins that allow you to manage them on a professional level and gives them the opportunity to make it as easy for yourself.

The functionality of the control program extended with the commands that can be run from the address bar. There is also a command that displays a dialog with the history of visited pages.

Diagram power supply computer. Device and principle work.Here.

To get there, you must perform the following few steps:

  1. open a new tab or clear the current address;
  2. to run the following command without the quotes: «chrome://history/»;
  3. you can highlight and delete the required records on time, if necessary, removing only a few of them, or to manage your unwanted files by clicking «Clear history»;

    Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

  4. select the required parameters and start the automatic removal.

Clear cache in Chrome shortcut keys

Go to settings data management and file browsing is possible not only manually, they can also be cause by using combinations of keys. This method is especially useful if you are doing website design and see it through the Chrome browser in a ready state on the server, or if the settings are blocked by exposure to viruses that often reside in the cache.

Ctrl+Shift+Del for quick data cleansing

The key combination Ctrl+Shift+Del will immediately move to the selection of files for removal without entering any data and without any settings.

Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

To perform a particular operation may need instantly, and the call control window by clearing data using keyboard shortcuts will certainly come in handy.

Ctrl+H to enter the story

If you want to delete multiple history records, or the previous combination for some reason does not work, you can view the list of visited websites by using Ctrl+H.

Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

To completely remove data visited resources, including cache, from this window, you can navigate with the button «Clear history»;

Delete temporary files

In addition to the records stored in history, and heavy files, which represent the bulk of the cache, there are temporary files called coockie. They store login information on websites, search queries and completed forms with your personal data. For security reasons or if problems occur, it is recommended to completely clean all the temporary files. Usually each browser has its own folder to store them.

To delete all the temporary files or manage, you must perform the following steps:

  1. go to the browser via the standard menu or with the command : chrome://chrome/settings/;
  2. scrolling down the page, click «Show advanced settings»;

    Инструкция по очистке кэша в браузере Гугл Хром

  3. to save personal data via the button content settings, and delete all the required files from a familiar menu, click «Clear history».

If you have any problem with the displaying page, do not rush to reinstall the browser or to require the provider of the «normal» Internet. For a start, try clearing the cache and other temporary information stored resources. Most problems with incorrect loading of websites is due to incorrect loading of legacy files and data.

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