the Installation of ABP ad blocker for Yandex Browser

By | 10.12.2018

Install the adblocker ABP for Yandex Browser

AdBlock Plus is an extension that can be embedded in the structure browser, when it stops to load contextual advertising. Blocks banners, pop-UPS. This not only helps to get rid of the irritating number of advertising materials, but also can protect your computer: it is often through such banners viruses are transmitted.

Another plus of use – reduce traffic at low RAM: if you need to save money on Internet connection and no need to reboot, you’ll like it AdBlock, install is pretty simple.

Additions to Yandex Browser

As a few major additions are the following utilities:

  • Element Hiding Helper is an extension, whereby the rules on which the site is not blocked, has become a lot easier. With it you can choose what you want to display, and then highlight those features that it’s hidden. Then other elements with the same parameter will automatically escape, because the rule will be created based on your settings;

    Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

  • AdChange For AdblockPlus is an add – on was created as an experiment, and its use is undesirable information, which is located on the website, will be replaced by either pre-installed on the server images or pictures in the albums of the user.

How to download and install ABP

Since AdBlock is developed for multiple browsers, you need to download is the addition that is intended to be installed on your browser.

Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

To download the extension, you need to go to the official developer site and download it there:

  • by going online, you must choose the link which provides the extension for Yandex browser, and go to it;
  • then in the top right corner, click on the button that says Free, and the software is installed on the computer itself;
  • when the process of download and installation is complete, you need to enable the ad blocker by clicking on the button with its icon: it will appear in the Explorer pane on top.

Video: ad blocker

Settings Adblock

Immediately after installation a window opens with a notification about the successful expansion works on the computer used by the browser, as well as information about the first offer the possibilities of a blocker.

ABP configuration is quite simple and is divided into several tabs. The program can be enable or disable for some time, and to control the display of ads on certain resources, given their needs.

Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

Typically, most users prefer to not remove all the banners, and only the Intrusive ads that plague them. At the same time they leave the view text of advertising messages, through which resources they visit, have the opportunity to earn.

AdBlock has the original settings, which include the ability to view non-Intrusive messages, but if you want you can disable this feature.

To open tabs blocker, perform the following steps:

  • click on her logo at the top of the browser.
  • then select in the popup window step: it is at the bottom. You will open the required window.

The General Tab

In this tab you have the option settings and display label: default options hide labels in the field of blocked banners and display lock function item in the drop down menu are show.

Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

In this same tab there is a request of feedback: when finding the faults in the functions of the blocker or if there are problems in its functioning, you can tell the developers to fix the problem.

The Filters Tab

The program has two tabs on filters: List of filters and Personal filters.

  • the first link opens the list of domains that fall in the white list. These lists are constantly updated. There is also a setting of unobtrusive ads: you can remove a tick, which is the default, and the program will block all banners, messages and pop-UPS. there is a link that opens a list of resources with background information (collaboration with these domains automatically with the developers of AdBlock, which is free to users). There is also a link to Additional information that leads to the list of the most common questions about unobtrusive messages and responses to them;

    Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

  • second, you can add the extension ABP custom filter, if not satisfied with provided by the program during installation. To install a personal filter you need to know the rules of compliance for the web syntax that you can find by clicking the link in the same tab. The filter can be manually or add from the list of those that were downloaded.

The Setup Tab

This allows you to block viewing ads by typing their address link, you can hide part of a page, if it is not blocking all ads. Here you can also configure a list of sites where it will be displayed, or a list of resources, where it will not.

Features of the program

Key features include:

  • ban pop-UPS;
  • the prohibition of display of banners and images that contain information for the promotion;
  • the resolution of display advertising on user-defined domains.

    Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

  • limiting the Internet traffic that is spent when loading pages;
  • permit non-Intrusive ads that meet the following parameters:
  1. text message without animation effects;
  2. no sound;
  3. the message located in the corner of the page or the side, without closing the content.

The basic requirements are listed in the information that is in the settings of the blocker. If the user sets the ban and this information, it searches the sites without her.

In addition to the ban pop-up and contextual advertisements, Adblock proposes to implement the following steps:

  • blocking harmful resources: the domains are already known in the Internet as sites with viruses are marked as potentially dangerous, if you choose enable this feature in this window;
  • remove buttons reposts and likes from the different social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Classmates, etc.) that often accompany news, related websites and many other resources, to track user actions;

    Установка блокировщика рекламы ABP для Яндекс Браузера

  • lock tracking: after activating this function, the sites view becomes anonymous, and companies that track the steps users do not receive this information.

All of these settings when setting is disabled but you can enable them immediately after downloading, drag the slider to the on position. Other parameters available on the tabs of the plugin.

Thus, the program Adblock Plus is a free extension that integrates into various browsers and very effectively cope with the pop-up blocker, viral advertising and others that contribute to the cost of traffic and can be dangerous for your computer.

Through the use of both the lock on the file extension (flash, exe, scripts, etc.) and the rules of hiding areas, utility is the best analogues allows you to block unwanted information.

The blocker has a list of subscriptions that contain the rules by which content is filtered resources. Thanks to effective methods of blocking, the possibility of installation on any browser and free distribution Adblock Plus is popular among millions of users.

Install the program on Yandex browser is very easy and requires no registration, no complex actions, and this is another reason why this utility installs most often.

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