The images in advertising

By | 06.04.2016

The images in advertising. Male and female images in advertising

A few examples of advertising to once again demonstrate how it operated male and female characters. Girl in white skirt meticulously looked at herself in the mirror …. Not all of myself — just, sorry, neat ass. Then she took a sanitary napkin, poured it in ink — and swung his fist banged on it with a white glove. The glove was drowned! I think that’s so special? We have long been accustomed to television advertising sweet girls as their mother tongue. But many Russian women believe that such advertising offends them. But free and uncomplexed Swede already expressed their indignation. However, a slightly different reason: they insulted … the blue color of the liquid in the pads. They think that if they advertise goods for women, then do not be ashamed of their identity. And they got their way: their television impermeability pads and tampons will be demonstrated by means pink or red paint «(Yu.Nikolaeva, Arguments and Facts, 322, 1999).

Recall, the camera lingered on her waist, slid down her thighs, darted up again — showed the shoulders and graceful slender neck … The skin is smooth, the color peach. The camera pulled away, showing very correct, almost the perfect female body. For those who do not remember — this is advertising of coffee «Nescafe Gold». Thus, many products are promoted in our market. Studies have shown that Russian television is only 35% advertising addressed directly to women, while the commercials featuring women occupy about 60% of the advertising stream. Moreover, the volume of advertising addressed to women, may be reduced, but the use of sexuality of the female image remained the same. At the same time, according to the Association of Journalists, 10% of commercials shall not informative, meaning, namely the erotic load. As explained by Andrew Razenkov, director of advertising, erotic female image in advertising designed primarily to young men: the desire for a beautiful woman entwined in their minds with the desire for the product, which it represents. Although erotization can have the opposite effect: remembered curvy girl, and not a commodity. In addition, some memory emerges the story of Adam and Eve. But in advertising products, especially such as chocolate bars or fast food such as McDonalds, efficient working man’s image. This is due to the fact that women frills, aestheticism, shy, eating listlessly, besides almost every woman will make counting calories. Men eat «delicious» and appetizing. Here again there are animal instincts: food advertising should cause the appetite, not erotic fantasies. But in the advertising of soft drinks more it impacts the image of women as sweet soda is designed primarily for teens. And they just First love, first courtship. Therefore, the image of a girl, even dressed in dutuyu jacket — still an erotic image. Thus, the choice of the main criterion in the selection of the sex appeal of actors linked to the fact that the instinctive association — the most direct route to the heart of man. Advertising, selling a particular product, seeks release of unconscious sexual desires. own goods who need a little himself. People buy or function for which it was created, or a part of the imaginary benefits which are stated in the advertisement.

Alina Dudarev

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