the Heir of Internet Explorer

By | 11.12.2018

The Heir To Internet Explorer

Наследник Internet Explorer

There was a time when people painted the big «e» in the courses of computer literacy, to remember how to log on to the Internet. Then Explorer was almost the only gateway into the Network, for which he received a legendary status among early users of Windows. Now, however, Internet Explorer is inferior to rival browsers. Microsoft are unable to come to terms with this and began the development of project Spartan.

The new browser included in the latest preview version of Windows 10, and after a few hours of testing I can only conclude that Spartan is not yet ready for Prime time. Yes, I know that currently, Spartan is still at an early stage of development, but I just want to point out its shortcomings for users who may be interested in using the current version of the web browser on a daily basis.

First of all, Spartan is fast to start up and load pages. Problems with rendering web pages I have not seen. Moreover, a few sites that have Internet Explorer there are problems regarding the visualization, work well in Spartan, and it’s great. But watching videos on YouTube, I noticed that fullscreen refuses to work properly. In addition, sometimes does not load the section with comments, although the same thing I observed with other browsers.

Speaking of loading and displaying web pages, Spartan proved to be good if you put aside the mentioned minor concerns.

More likely, perhaps, I liked the ability to create so-called Web Notes. With this function the user can make notes directly on web pages the mouse cursor, a stylus, or your finger – it works perfectly on any website. Annotated pages can be saved in the reading list (Reading List) or sent to applications such as Facebook, OneNote, email client, etc this function Also allows you to trim a certain part of the page to copy, save, or share it.

Наследник Internet Explorer<

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