the Head of Nokia says again about tablet company

By | 09.12.2018

Nokia CEO speaks again about the tablet of the company

Answering questions about plans for a tablet, Elop said that his company had studied various options (Android or Windows) operating systems. He also added that an important aspect for a tablet is the ability to work with smartphones. That’s why Windows is a much better choice to combine with Windows Phone.

Of course, it is unlikely that we will see a device that will use the software from another company, not Microsoft. Earlier it was reported that Nokia is working on a tablet with Windows RT, which will be presented in Barcelona and then there was the rumor, according to which, if premiere the device was meant to happen, it will be delayed. Elop said that the company is carefully studying the experience Microsoft Surface in order to understand when and how to use this market.

According to the head of Nokia, it becomes clear that the company considered the possibility of choosing Android, but decided that this market is too saturated, they abandoned the idea. According to Elope, the growing dominance of Samsung in the Android ecosystem justifies this decision.

The Australian Financial Review

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