the Hackers posted a simple hacking tool for Windows RT

By | 09.12.2018

The hackers posted a simple hacking tool for Windows RT

A few days ago we reported that hackers had opened the way to hacking Windows RT that allows you to install unsigned third-party apps for ARM that were not downloaded from the Store Windows and who can work in the desktop mode.

Хакеры опубликовали простой инструмент для взлома Windows RT

The unlocking process was difficult, but thanks to enthusiasts from the XDA Developers forum, the situation has changed. To them we are indebted for the application that automatiseret all stages of unlocking, relying on security holes in Windows kernel-RT.

As we have noted, unlocking the flies each time you restart the device, so you will have to run the utility each time you turn on the device, but it is interesting because it opens up the possibility for the emergence of non-Metro apps for Windows RT.

It is not yet clear whether Microsoft will release a fix for this bug, but even posting an update, it will be possible to remove or completely restore your system from a backup.


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