the fastest browser for Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Fastest browser for Windows

Windows 8.1 includes the new Internet Explorer 11. From the point of view of the user interface it brings nothing new, but Microsoft promises a higher level of compliance with modern web standards and better performance. Was made these promises? And if to compare its performance with other popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera? Let’s find out.

Benchmarks used for testing

For testing we used the following benchmarks: HTML5 test, SunSpider, Kraken, Octane, and Peacekeeper.

HTML5 test evaluates a measure of how well a browser supports HTML5 standard and related specifications.

SunSpider javascript Benchmark evaluates the performance of browsers when handling javascript. The low results indicate higher productivity.

Kraken is a version from the Mozilla SunSpider. The lower the score on this test, the better.

Octane v1 is a set of javascript tests, developed by Google. The higher the score, the better the performance.

Peacekeeper checks the performance of the browsers by testing their javascript functionality and its ability to handle commonly used javascript functions. This is the only fully independent test, so it is very important, which browsers will show the best result.

Computer configuration and browser versions

The computer, which were tested, has the following configuration: 8-core AMD FX-8320 motherboard Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3, 8 GB DDR3 RAM Kingston HyperX Predator (works on a frequency of 2133 MHz) graphics card Gigabyte Radeon HD6870 OC 1GB DDR5, SSD 256GB ADATA SX900 SATA III.

Testing each browser were conducted on a fresh install of Windows 8.1 Pro x64. All browsers with no add-ons, extensions or toolbars. Browser versions: Internet Explorer 11 (desktop and touch), Google Chrome 30, Mozilla Firefox 24 and Opera 17. All browsers with default settings.

Each test was performed three times in each browser. For the charts below was used the average result.

Another important clarification: in all browsers was only one tab is open. In addition, browsers were tested independently from each other, one after the other, not two or more simultaneously.

HTML5 test – winner Google Chrome 30

The HTML5 test checks the browser for compliance with the HTML5 standard and related specifications. But the results of this test do not say anything about the performance of the browsers. As you can see in the chart below, won Google Chrome 30, who scored a total of 463 points out of maximum 500.

Самый быстрый браузер для Windows

Internet Explorer 11 has improved its score by 35 points compared to Internet Explorer 10. All other browsers are developing at a more rapid rate, so their compatibility with HTML5 is improving much faster. The largest increase shows 17 Opera – 442 points, while Opera 12 is gaining in this test 374 points. This is due to the transition to the WebKit engine.

SunSpider 1.0.2 – winner Internet Explorer 11

SunSpider is the only test in which the winner Internet Explorer 11.

Самый быстрый браузер для Windows

The desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 on 57% faster than the slowest browser in this test – Mozilla Firefox. In addition, the difference in performance between desktop and Modern IE11 is 10% in favor of the former.

Kraken 1.1 – winner Google Chrome 30

Benchmark from Mozilla has revealed that Internet Explorer 11 is the slowest browser. It 44% slower than Chrome 30 is the winner in this test.

Самый быстрый браузер для Windows

Notably, Firefox is not getting the first place in this test, although it was developed by Mozilla. Another notable fact is that the Modern version of Internet Explorer 11 have shown themselves 9% better than its desktop variant.

Octane V1 – winner Google Chrome 30

In this test Google Chrome 30 wins with a huge margin from Internet Explorer 11 – 34%. In General, nothing surprising.

Самый быстрый браузер для Windows

Modern version of Internet Explorer 11 to 14% slower than the desktop version. By the way, in this test, and in all other Opera 17 takes the second place. Also in this test, Opera 17 is only 5% slower than the winner.

Peacekeeper – winner Google Chrome 30

Peacekeeper once again showed that Chrome 30 is the undisputed leader in performance in the field of Internet browsers.

Самый быстрый браузер для Windows

In this test, it is almost two times faster than Internet Explorer 11. At the last place claims 24 Firefox, while Opera 17 is very close to the first place – only 2 points separated the browser from the leader.


After testing all browsers and examine the results, we can draw some conclusions:

  • Google Chrome remains the leader in terms of performance, but Opera has become a very strong contender after migrating to the WebKit engine.
  • If Opera will increase its ecosystem of extensions and add-ons, you get a real chance to become even more popular browser.
  • Internet Explorer 11 received notable improvements compared with Internet Explorer 10 as from the point of view of compliance with the HTML5 standard, and from the performance point of view.
  • Modern version of Internet Explorer also provides a good level of performance, but in most tests is inferior to its desktop counterpart by about 10%.
  • The rapid schedule of release of new versions of other browsers suggests that they are improving faster than Internet Explorer. If Microsoft wants to bring back Internet Explorer’s leading position, there is a need to release updates more frequently than once a year.

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