the Evolution of Windows from 1985 to 2017

By | 10.12.2018

Evolution Windows: from the graphical to the most popular OS

Everyone knows Windows, which is popular among software exists on the market since 1975. She had a very long road from a graphical shell for MS-DOS c some of the six colors to the most popular operating system. If you’re wondering how it was, then you should read this article.

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

Windows 1.0 (1985)

At the beginning of the «Window» that are familiar to everyone in fact was not even considered by the operating system. They were just GUI, build under MS-DOS, created for that mass user was able to master computers. If you remember those years, not even a mouse, which is now a habit all the time for PC users was something strange, so users spend on fresh paddle. For the first version required the presence of only two disks and you can have a total of 192 KB of RAM for good performance. «Window» was provided with a large number of programs Windows 3.0 (1990)

Understand that the graphical interface was the advantage (of course for users who are limited basic knowledge) and the second version earned the most good grades and become popular. This program supports 16 colors, compared to 1.0, which could boast the presence of all six colors.

Windows 95 (1995)

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

If we recall the third version, we realize that the nominal in this version, many people first saw the button «start» («Start») and the menu to meet her, this menu contributed to the fact that the movement of the interface became more comfortable. As for the interface, he of course tried to reproduce a real (not virtual) table on which people work. Where is the first appearance of file Manager Windows Explorer. Already in the next update for Windows 95 were added and the familiar web browser Internet Explorer.

It is worth noting that Windows 95 has made a significant technology that is used even now — Plug and Play: if you bought the device, then the system was automatically recognized and the user should not have to recover the addresses and interrupts (if you never knew about the interrupt, then you’re lucky).

Windows 98 (1998)

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

With regards to the fourth version she made many unimportant, but significant subtleties. But I would like to recall the appearance of support display images on multiple monitors. Of course changed the requirements, now you need to have 16MB of RAM and 300 MB on the hard disk.

Windows XP (2001)

But the fifth version is like a huge number of people in the world that even after a significant amount of time Microsoft has appeared the problem of how to force users to upgrade to the new version.

Windows XP seemed a lot cuter and vital versions that preceded it, but also the work of this program was much more stable, because it was created on a different platform — Windows NT, which some call the Windows for servers. If we consider the interface, it should be said that the OS could now merge in the task pane window that would be opened using the same application. Also had the opportunity to switch between accounts without closing the application, and also USB 2.0 support.

Windows Vista (2006)

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

When came the next update, to surprise it was met with a hostile reception, but kept a positive improvement. For example, many users were not happy that the system requirements have increased, also they do not accept the fact that the software was not compatible with the applications of previous years.

But despite this, it is worth noting the fact that the interface of the program became more likable, there was transparency. As many people remember that there are widgets, but over time Microsoft decided to get rid of them. One of the negative features of Vista was that program several times during the day specified, I am convinced if the user in its actions. But educated users know that the system providing the requested permission on a significant action for which needed admin permission. A significant number of programs that existed at that time, rashly demanded it.

Windows 7 (2009)

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

If we remember the story of the seventh version, we will be able to say that she was lucky because she gained popularity of Windows XP.

With regards to the new version, she can recognize the written language, it also supports virtual disks that are optimized for multi-core processors, fast-boot. Automatic device recognition and installation meet the requirements of the drivers began to function as never before. The same interface could not rest. By the way, when you click on the program popping up the list of files that you use often.

Windows 8 (2012)

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

The eighth version was an attempt to «Microsoft» to get a tasty part of the increasingly popular tablet market. That is why the main innovations focused on the fact that the usual system to make comfortable for the touch screen. But alas, touchscreen laptops and monitors were not popular, so the eighth version is criticized by many. Simultaneously with the appearance of the eighth version, Microsoft introduced users with its app store.

But the new version had novelties: the possibility of synchronizing Windows on different devices with cloud technology as well as the potential that a simple and easy return devices to their original appearance.

Windows 10

Эволюция Windows с 1985 по 2017 год

Many users do not want to change the Windows operating system new versions and preferred old, and because of this, Microsoft launched an offensive upgrade. A big plus was that the update was free. Update yourself downloaded from the Internet user had only to consent to the constantly evolving window with the offer to upgrade to Windows 10.

Of course in the beginning there were complaints of different functions to gather information about users and sending them to Microsoft servers, went even that you just type the keyboard.

But a nice bonus for users is getting the fact, getting back the «start menu» that had been taken earlier to control the computer can now be had with the help of voice assistant.

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