the Dutch government pays millions Windows XP support

By | 10.12.2018

The Dutch government pays millions Windows XP support

The Dutch government signed an agreement with Microsoft to extend support for Windows XP. According to the publication Dutch News, the company from Redmond will receive several million euros for the support of the operating system on the computers of about 40 000 civil servants until January 2015, Only the government is planning to buy a new operating system.

In addition, Windows XP is still used by the administration of several provinces. However, in accordance with article of the agreement is limited to the public administration in the Hague.

Such agreement with Microsoft had already signed and the British government, which will pay about 6.8 million euros for the extension of support for a period of one year. For the money, Microsoft will provide security updates for Windows XP and for Office 2003 and Exchange Server 2003. The UK is planning to switch all the computers in the public sector to a new operating system no later than April 2015.

Support for 13-year-old Windows XP was discontinued on 8 April. On this day, the company in recent times has sent out security updates for the operating system. After 8 April Microsoft will no longer offer free updates, and machines that run this operating system, the software giant now estimates as «not protected».

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