the Developers IE12 promise faster surfing

By | 10.12.2018

The developers IE12 promise faster surfing

Разработчики IE12 обещают более быстрый серфинг

It is already known that the next version of Windows will include a redesigned Internet Explorer browser, but still, it was not about any details. A recent discussion on the Internet highlighted some of the features of Internet Explorer 12.

One of the most critical improvements over the current versions of the browser will increase speed when surfing the web, it becomes clear from the session on the website Reddit. Currently, however, the team did not have test results. Version 12 will improve safety, the developers promise, that for this purpose we cooperate with a team of Windows Defender.

It is also reported that IE12 will bring improvements in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities, but more details in this direction of development is still lacking.

Whether Internet Explorer is better than its competitors Chrome and Firefox, and now can not say, but Microsoft will certainly try to offer enhanced experience for Windows users.

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