the Developer of Internet Explorer left Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

The developer of Internet Explorer left Microsoft

Next year will be very important for the presence of Microsoft in the tech industry. To a significant extent, our opinion will focus on premiere Windows 10, but at the same time, it will be very interesting to watch and the company’s strategy in the smartphone market after the acquisition of mobile business Nokia.

On the eve of the publication GeekWire reported that one of the senior Microsoft decided to leave the company.

Dean Hachamovich was part of the software giant for 24 years and has been busy developing Internet Explorer. Thanks to him, the company managed not only improve the functionality but greatly increase the income from their browser. Care information was confirmed personally by Hachamovich. In particular, he said that Microsoft has changed in recent years, and it’s time to focus on other technology projects.

Former corporate Director of the company will become an adviser to LifeQ, which uses user data to create digital simulations of human physiology. Initially, Chachamovich was hired to improve the functionality of Microsoft Word, but for many years he led the team that develops Internet Explorer.

What will be the future of the browser after his departure and who will replace him in the leadership structure of Microsoft is we have yet to learn.

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