the Desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 includes Swipe navigation

By | 11.12.2018

The desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 includes Swipe navigation

Настольная версия Internet Explorer 11 включает Swipe-навигацию

In the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Blue has been detected new feature, as well as indications that the browser will receive the support of new technologies. First, IE 11 is equipped with the ability to navigate using a horizontal Swipe gesture (by default this feature is disabled), which works only on touch devices. In addition, the web browser will support WebGL.

Feature Desktop Swipe was discovered by Rafael Rivera in the registry Windows Blue 9364. In fact, it’s the same Swipe navigation that is already in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. Desktop Swipe works only on touch screens. If you have installed a test build of Windows Blue, you can easily enable this feature by modifying the following section in the registry:

HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer DesktopSwipe

As the value for the Enabled parameter you need to set 1.

Surprisingly, IE 11 on Windows Blue, apparently, will support WebGL is a standard widely used in various web browsers, which provides accelerated 2D and 3D graphics on the Internet. At this stage, the Assembly IE11 includes a specific infrastructure to support WebGL, but the real support yet.

For the first time WebGL was implemented by Mozilla and Google. It also is a good solution for the game and other complex graphics tasks. Let me remind you, Microsoft refused to use this standard in 2011, stating that it is a security risk.

: WinSuperSite, CNET

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