the configuration of the router Netgear N150

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Configuring the router Netgear N150

Netgear N150 – router models well suited for home use. Its capacity is small – 150 Mbps, but this is enough for the average user.

The price of this router also small, which makes it even more attractive. So, are you wondering about how to start using a Netgear N150? About all the intricacies of the connections and settings next.

Настройка роутера Netgear N150

Equipment router

Netgear N150 comes in light green, white carton, which contains:

  • the router;
  • network cable;
  • power supply;
  • warranty card;
  • instructions for installation and use;
  • a CD with software to configure device.

Please note! In the kit you will find the antenna, as in this model, it is built-in.

Настройка роутера Netgear N150

On the front panel of the router located svetodiodnye indicators which reflect:

  • the device is connected to the power supply;
  • activity module Wi-Fi;
  • Internet connection;
  • the network connection WPS;
  • active LAN ports.

Important! Cooled this model is due to located on the body of the gratings, therefore when installing it you need to choose such position that they are not obscured by other equipment and household items.

The back panel of the router includes:

  • interfaces for connection to the network;
  • on/off switch power supply;
  • four lan ports to connect additional devices to the LAN;
  • WAN port for connecting a device provider Internet service.

Video: Wi Fi router NETGEAR N150


After unpacking and getting acquainted with the components of the device can start the connection:

  • connect the power supply to the respective connector on the router and plug it into the network;
  • turn on the router by clicking on located on the rear panel of the power button;
  • find the WAN port and plug in the Internet cable;
  • connect the network adapter to your PC and any of the LAN ports using a special short cable provided in the kit.

After completing the physical portion of the connection, go to software. You need to configure the network card below it is possible to obtain IP addresses automatically.

Let’s consider this process on the example of the Windows 7 operating system:

  1. go to the menu «start» in the search bar type «view network»;
  2. the top option in the displayed results should be «View network connections», click on it;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  3. go to «local area Connection» and by clicking on it right click, select «Properties»;
  4. open the tab «Network», select «Internet Protocol version 4» and just below it click «Properties»;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  5. set automatic mode for two options – obtain IP and DNS addresses.
  6. save the settings and exit by pressing «OK».

In this connection, and preset is over.

Input into the settings

From now on, we will discuss how to configure wifi router Netgear N150.

To get started go to its interface:

  • open any of the installed browser and in the address bar enter «», press «Enter»;
  • will appear the login window, in which you need to enter the router (default login is «admin», password – «password»).

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

Please note! Authorization data can be found on the back cover of the device or in the instructions.


Let us configure the Internet:

  1. go to the «Internet» interface of the router;
  2. in the column «Required when connecting…» indicated «No»;
  3. note the «Use static ip address»;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  4. the input data for the IP address, subnet mask and gateway specified in the contract (they can also contact your operator for technical support of your ISP);
  5. a check box «Use these DNS servers» and fill in the data for the main and secondary DNS (you can recognize them as well – from the Treaty or from the technical support);
  6. click «apply» to save all settings.

Important! This method is suitable for providers with a static IP address.

Connection Dynamic IP

If the connection is using dynamic IP (changing at each new session), then the process will differ:

  1. go to the «Internet» in the settings of the router;
  2. in the box «Required when connecting…» put «No»;
  3. agree to automatically obtain IP and port for the DNS server;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  4. when you use the bind to MAC address agree to the use address of your PC;
  5. if a specific provider this binding is missing – leave the default values;
  6. click «Apply».

After these settings, the access to the network is opened.

PPPoE for Rostelecom, TTK and

Data providers are those who use the connection type «PPPoE» is one of the most common types of network connection.

Its setup is quite simple:

  • open the tab «Internet»;
  • in «Required when connecting…» select «Yes»;
  • in the «Provider Internet» enable «PPPoE»;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  • specify the information to connect to the network (can be obtained from the contract with the provider or technical support);
  • when you select the connection mode choose «Always enabled»;
  • fill in the fields for static IP (all data should be in the contract);
  • click «Accept».

Attention! Provider home ru is binding MAC address, this means that it is necessary to make one further amendment, putting in the settings use the address of the current PC.

L2TP for Beeline

L2TP is a relatively new connection type. It uses such a popular provider Beeline.

For such connections, perform the following:

  • go to the menu of the router and the tab «Internet»;
  • select «Yes» to «Required when connecting…»;
  • connection type – specify «L2TP»;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  • in the fields of the login input (username and password) provided by the provider;
  • manually entered server address – «»;
  • in the connection mode switch to «Always on»;
  • make sure that under «Internet IP address» is selected it automatically obtain from the ISP;
  • save the changes and exit.

Setting up WI FI

To configure a wireless connection follow the following instructions:

  • go to the «wireless connection Settings»;
  • in the «Name(SSID)» set the name for our network (can be any), it will be displayed in the connections list;
  • go to the section «security Settings» and select «WPA2-PSK[ASE]»;

    Настройка роутера Netgear N150

  • opens additional settings window where you must specify the password for this connection (you can use a numeric and alphabetic combination with a length of 8 symbols);
  • click «Apply».

Please note! Specifying a name for the new network, you need to consider one important point – it is better to start with a small letter, to simplify connectivity for some devices.


To activate the function of viewing through IPTV STB set-top box by using a few simple steps.

To do this:

  • go to the «Advanced» tab and choose «Internet Settings-port»;
  • to specify the local port will be connected to the console;
  • save the settings by pressing «Apply».

Video: NETGEAR N150 Wireless Router Unboxing

Firmware update

Download new firmware and install it, you can do the following:

  • take out the cable from WAN socket on the router;
  • connected PC to the LAN port of the device;
  • open the browser and enter «», press «Enter»;
  • in the displayed interface, enter login information: username is «admin», password – «password» (you can find them on the device itself or in the instructions);
  • click on the number of the current firmware version at the top of the page;
  • displays the file download dialog, specify the directory on the computer where it is saved;
  • click «Send» and launch the installation process;
  • waiting for full completion, then the router will automatically reboot.

Attention! During installation turn off the power and disconnect the cables.

In some cases when to go on the web interface does not work (for example, when the router was already in use), you must reset the router to factory.

Настройка роутера Netgear N150

Here’s how:

  • on the rear panel is a reset button, find it;
  • using a pen or a paper clip, hold it for 10 seconds;
  • the lights on the device will flash, and the router will restart, restoring default settings;
  • go to the menu, using standard data.

Important! It must be borne in mind that when you return to the default settings to connect all external devices, not even belonging to you. To correct this situation in the settings menu, set the password to enter.

You can see that configuring the Netgear N150 does not differ from similar models. The whole process is quite feasible at home and no skills required «advanced» user.

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