the Computer continuously restarts: possible causes and solutions

By | 10.12.2018

Why there is a constant rebooting of the PC at startup?

Even installing the newest and most advanced operating system in the computer system the solution of the problems requires the participation of the user. One of these problems, and probably the most annoying, is the continuous rebooting of a computer at startup. Many users watching such, and given their dependence on this device, just out of despair fall into despair. But do not panic – constant rebooting of the system at the start is just a temporary problem that can be overcome.

Why computer restarts after you run? What may cause such behavior? How to solve this problem? The answers to these questions further and try to bring.

Restart the computer when you start OS: causes and solutions

If there is self-rebooting PC, then the problem may lie in the hardware and software of the device. The main difficulty of solving this problem is that OS can’t be loaded, which naturally leads to the fact that the user is not available to many of the capabilities of Troubleshooting.

Компьютер постоянно перезагружается: возможные причины и решения

Give a possible reason, why the computer may restart when you run.


Viruses are perhaps one of the most common causes of such problems with your PC, and in most cases after restarting the computer, they come in full combat readiness.

For operating systems of the Windows family one way out of this situation is to boot with the Last working configuration or Safe mode. To get into menu mode start Windows, you can press F8 immediately after turning on the computer.

Once Windows has loaded in Safe mode, you must update the antivirus program to download and install the latest system updates, subsequent scanning your system for malicious applications. It is very important at this stage to check the autorun menu, as it can be installed labels download malware.

To recover your computer you can also by rolling back the OS in Safe mode to a previously created restore point, operation of the computer in which was carried out normally.

If none of the above methods did not help, and really it is just a constant reboot, the only solution is a full format of the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system.

Hardware problems

The main problem cited PC to continuously restart at the hardware level, is the failure of the boot partition on the hard disk. Winchester in this case, you must check a special program for HDD diagnostics (MHDD or Victoria), and in case of detection of errors, try to eliminate them. If you decide to hard disk is damaged in this way cannot, then, most likely, it will have to be replaced.

To restart your system, you may also the fault RAM to identify problem areas in which you can use the utility Memtest86+. Such a problem may cause damage to the graphics card, and usually uninstalling the driver for it in Windows Safe mode then install the updated analog to rectify the fault. Otherwise, you need to go to the experts.

Anyway, if you still suspect that the PC restart is due to a problem with its hardware, it is better to go to competent masters, as it will allow to avoid many problems, the cause of which can serve as unskilled self-repair.

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