the Chinese government blamed the attack on Outlook

By | 10.12.2018

The Chinese government blamed the attack on Outlook

Китайское правительство обвиняют в атаке на Outlook

Chinese authorities regularly accused of hacking. A month after the country had blocked access to Gmail, Beijing was again named the culprit of another hacker attack. This time we are talking about the email service Microsoft Outlook.

This is not an attempt to disrupt servers Outlook, and the so-called MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack, which aims to intercept the contents of the letters, and this kind of attack is mainly used for listening.

The site GreatFire, which monitors the Internet, has published a report that users in China who use Outlook via client applications (Mozilla Thunderbird, mobile apps, etc.) are monitored by the Chinese government. This, however, does not occur if users use the web version of the email.

According to GreatFire, the Chinese government used fake certificates to secure the connection over which intercepted e-mail messages. The intended purpose of the Chinese is to monitor a single group of users and their connections.

Microsoft has released an official statement on the issue, confirming the fact of the attack, but Beijing has still not responded to serious allegations against them.


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