the Camera in the laptop works, and the Skype does not appear

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The camera in the laptop works, and the Skype does not appear

One of the most popular programs all over the world – Skype. An application that allows you to make high-quality reliable voice and video communication via the Internet, enjoys a well-deserved trust of millions of users. However, every program has its weaknesses. The most common problem associated with the Skype app sees the camera.

Common causes

Modern notebook has a built-in camera, which is enough for video transmission.

Reasons why Skype does not find this equipment quite a lot, here are the main:

  1. problems with the drivers.
  2. camera is occupied by another program;
  3. not updated app;
  4. a malfunction of the device.

With the solution of the most common ones will try to sort out the details.

Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

Driver web camera

The first thing to do upon discovering such an obstacle is to check whether the driver for the camera. If Yes, then whether it was done correctly. To do this, open device Manager.

To perform this action in several ways:

  • for Windows 7. «Start» — two clicks with the right button of the mouse on the position of «My computer» — select the line «Properties»;
  • for Windows 7, 8 can simultaneously press Win+R keys and score devmgmt.msc, and then Enter;
  • in Windows XP simply click «My computer» and start the camera.

Opening the task Manager you should find the position of the «imaging Devices». Here is the information about webcam.

Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

Open the properties of this element and see if there are any exclamation marks or red cross. If everything is in order, the condition of the equipment shall be the inscription «the Device is working properly». So the reason is not in drivers.


If with drivers everything is in order, it is necessary to check the operability of the camera. It should be included. On the laptop keyboard there is a button with the icon of the camera, or you can use the instructions for your equipment. If the user sees themselves in the picture, with a technique all right. It is working, but Skype gives the error «…not found the webcam…». What to do? Operate as follows.

Video: Not working camera


To configure video, you have to run on the laptop Skype. For this application you need to log in by entering your username and password.

After starting the program should follow the instructions below:

  • the menu, which is located at the top, you must open the tab «Tools»;
  • then to open a position called «Settings»;
  • in this tab the user can change the various functions of the application: sound, notification, security, and other;
  • to configure the camera, click on the tab «video Settings».

    Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

If all is done correctly, then the right will appear the image of the user. If it doesn’t, you should recheck all settings. In this position, you can adjust settings such as «Show my video», «Automatic display»screen. Sometimes there are very strange errors. Like, the camera settings is done properly and with the drivers all right.

The causes of this problems do not seem to know and application developers themselves. It can occur at any time and can suddenly disappear. The way out of the situation users found themselves: it is enough to establish another, in most cases, the previous version of the program. About how to do this below.

Removal of bad Skype

If there is a need to fully remove the program from the laptop, follow the instructions below: to begin completing the application. To do this, open the program, click on the icon «Skype» and in the list select «exit». Then act depending on the operating system installed on the laptop:

  • Windows: «start» – «Settings» – «control Panel». Here you should choose «add or remove programs». In the list we find the position of Skype, and it removed;

    Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

  • MAC. During such operating system, it is sufficient to drag to the trash icon;
  • Linex. «System» — «Administration» — «Synaptic package Manager». After these steps, you must select a program and click remove.

Your account in the app to completely remove it is impossible. If you stop to use it, then three days later after the last access to the network, it automatically will be erased from the search engine users. Subsequently, should the user re-enter the network, it automatically will be updated.

Download new

Download and install to your notebook software application to make voice communications, video calls, messaging and files very easy. The app is freely available on the Internet specialized resources.

Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

No registration and money transfer download does not require. This app is free. Just click on the download link and follow instructions.

The tablet is not working PLAY MARKET. The solution here is.

Install web-camera

If the application does not find the camera after all of attempts, nothing left to do but replace it. You can buy a new external camera with microphone and connect it to your laptop via USB port. After all is done, run the application. The app should automatically find a new camera. If not, you should go to program settings and select the item «camera debug».

Disable update program

The device functioned properly, but suddenly stopped working after a routine update. Such situations occur at every step. The problem may occur due to driver incompatibility. What to do if the app does not see the camera on the computer after the upgrade.

You need to disable them:

  • in the top menu is «Tools». Go and select «Settings» — «Advanced» — «Automatic updates»;
  • here you must click «turn Off automatic updates»;

    Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

  • if the notebook operating system is Windows, the user will be prompted to allow changes;
  • should agree;
  • similarly, you can enable updates.

Skype sees the webcam on the laptop

Among the other common problems that interfere with the correct working with the app include:

  • perhaps you’re running another program which takes the camera, not allowing to obtain an image;
  • outdated version of the app. To cope with this problem, you must uninstall the old program and download a new one. The procedure is described above;

    Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

  • outdated operating system. In this case it is necessary to update or install the new version;
  • problems can arise if your computer system has multiple devices and when talking, the app automatically chooses the wrong;
  • extreme case – the computer is extremely outdated and does not support this program.

All problems can be solved. The main thing – the right approach and a little patience.

Check camera to use it with another program

In some cases, at startup the user may receive the following message: unable to start videotranslation. Close all other programs that can use a video device.

It is important to remember. The camera can transmit the image by more than one program. If you do not follow this rule, then either there will be no image, or appear above-noted message.

The solution of this problem is that before running, you must close all applications that intercept the video stream. If the user does not understand what kind of program interferes with the correct operation of the application, you can simply reboot the laptop.

In the settings of this camera

To allow selection of a video device, you must go to the program settings:

  • open the settings app, «Tools» — «Settings»;
  • in the window that appeared on the screen, select «video Settings»;
  • look, whether you check the position «Enable Skype video»;

    Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

  • below is the «Choose webcam»;
  • click on the triangle to the right and look for your camera;
  • if done correctly, the image will appear.

To operate the connected device only needs one driver. If you have installed multiple drivers, then a conflict may occur.

In this case, the user needs to remove all the incompatible driver:

  • find «device Manager». By the way, it can be done in the following way: in the search box, enter the device Manager, the computer will automatically select the desired position;
  • then double-click the mouse on the «imaging Devices». Thus, it reveals the list of camera drivers;
  • if not one, but several positions, right-click delete any driver. In the case of a request for removal to confirm the action;
  • you need to remove all drivers. Section «imaging Devices» should disappear;
  • next, select «Action» and produced by «Update the hardware configuration».

Video: Installing and configuring

The Windows version is not supported by the camera

Some Windows operating systems do not support Skype. For example, Windows XP SR2.

If the laptop has a version, there are three choices:

  • to remove this version and download the older;
  • not use the application for making video calls;
  • upgrade your OS to version SR3.

Computer settings «outdated»

Make video calls can’t users whose equipment operates on Pentium III. These computer devices belong to the category obsolete. So Skype still working for them.

Output – to try to install an older version and disable automatic updates. If you think well to consider different reasons, to analyze the situation, any problem can be solved independently. Accidental pressing of the keys, reinstalling the operating system, disable the system BIOS – some of the options that cause difficulties with the app.

Камера в ноутбуке работает, а в Скайпе не отображается

Now You know the answer to the question about what to do if Skype does not see the camera on the laptop. Select the problem that has arisen, and, following our article, You will be able easily and promptly to resolve it. Good relations with friends and partners!

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