the Calculator Windows 10 got a new feature: currency conversion

By | 10.12.2018

Calculator Windows 10 can now convert currency

Windows 10 Update Fall Creators got a very useful tool: calculator, currency. A new feature integrated in Windows calculator 10, and allows users to easily convert different currencies in just few seconds.

Калькулятор Windows 10 получил новую опцию: конвертация валют

Since then, as Microsoft has launched Windows 10, the most popular user requests for feedback was a request to include in-app calculator function currency conversion. As a consequence, in the latest version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in the menu «Converter» has a new section — «Currency».

Currency Converter Windows 10 performs almost all the operations that can be expected from the Converter. As a bonus, the tool also comes with a Fluent interface elements Design. Calculator Currency Converter also has an offline mode. This is a very useful addition for those who travel around the world.

Thanks to the built-in currency Converter, you no longer need to download and install various apps and extensions currency Converter. Now you can use one tool for all tasks related to conversion rate.

However, you should know that if you don’t plan on updating the extension Fall Creators, you will still have to use third-party development for the currency conversion. One of the most popular currency Converter in the Windows Store is XE Currency, which you can download absolutely for free.

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