the Browsing history in all browsers Internet Explorer

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Browsing history in all browsers Internet Explorer

Naturally, many users the question arises, how to look at history and what data is stored there? Offer details to understand the purpose of history, and also ways of its safe.

Why browser history

Sometimes you need more time to return to already closed a particular web site. Very often, to find the desired page can be very problematic. In this case, in the browser, you can view the history of visits to sites. Going there, you can see a complete list of all Internet portals visited by the user.

Thus, finding the right website will be much easier than re-find it in the Internet.

Просмотр истории во всех браузерах Internet Explorer

Thanks to my browsing history at any time to view information about the sites visited by other users of the computer. It should be noted that this feature can be useful to parents. They will always be able to come watch their children for any suspicious portals.

In addition, in the history browser, you can view a list of web sites that were visited that day, when the user’s device was infected with a virus and, thus, to figure out where on the computer got a malicious file. This will help in the future not to get on this resource.

In the browser history, usually stored at:

  1. web page addresses;
  2. date of visit;
  3. the time of the visit.

Depending on the program used to access the Internet, to work with the browser history can be provided for different options.


  1. search;
  2. delete data;
  3. filtering.

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View history

Consider the example of different versions of the browser Internet Explorer ways to view history.

IE 9-11

To view the list of visited web portals in the Internet Explorer versions 9-11 must take the following steps:

  • click on the icon that has the appearance of stars, it is located in the upper right corner of the program window;
  • in the panel that opens «favorites» go to «Magazine», below appears the list of visited websites.

    Просмотр истории во всех браузерах Internet Explorer

At its discretion history web sites can be filtered by:

  • the number of visits;
  • date;
  • order visited;
  • site.

    Просмотр истории во всех браузерах Internet Explorer

In addition, you can learn which pages are visited on a particular website. To do this, simply click in the list to the right site.

IE 7-8

To view history in Internet Explorer 7-8 follows:

  • in the left corner of the window there is a button in the form of asterisks, click on it;
  • get into the menu «favorites»;
  • go to the «History» or «History», where history of visited sites.

    Просмотр истории во всех браузерах Internet Explorer

At will the user can filter the list.

To do this the following ways:

  1. search;
  2. on the date of the visit;
  3. time;
  4. the number of visits.

Thus, the user can find the desired web site, and view the visited the page.

IE 6

In version 6 of Internet Explorer to find the list of visited portals on the toolbar.

To do this:

  • click on the icon that has the appearance of the dial;
  • in the log pane is history.

It should be noted that sorting the list is just as new versions of Internet Explorer.

Navigation log

As has already been explained in the section «Journal» remembers the nodes that the user has visited. This saves only the address resources, and not their contents.

In addition, the log can include the following information:

  • the name of the web site;
  • address;
  • updated;
  • date of last visit;
  • the date until which the page is valid.

The data in the log list grouped by the following methods:

  1. weeks;
  2. days.

If the week has not yet ended, then the data will be displayed on all days. The inside of each date has a list of web portals.

Optionally, ask the storage site list.

To do this:

  • go to the menu «Service»;

    Просмотр истории во всех браузерах Internet Explorer

  • to get to the section «Internet options»;
  • go to the tab «General»;
  • the parameter «days to keep pages» to change the settings.

In order to clean the «Magazine» is:

  • go to «tools»;
  • go to the «Internet options»;
  • in the tab «General» click on button «Clear»;
  • to confirm the command.

Thus, we understand what is needed the history of visited sites in your browser. In addition, it was found out how to search for websites in your browsing history with the help of various filters. We also learned how to view history in various versions of Internet Explorer.

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