the Brand Nokia is no longer associated with smartphones

By | 10.12.2018

The brand Nokia is no longer associated with smartphones

One of the consequences of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia is that the Nokia name will no longer be associated with the new smartphones that will be produced under the auspices of the company from Redmond. It became clear from the statement of the head of marketing at Nokia.

The Nokia name will still be used for phones from the Asha series (MS bought license to use Nokia brand for 10 years), while with smartphones the situation is quite different. Microsoft will seek to develop a unified branding for Windows Phone and for this reason the Nokia brand probably will not be used. It is also likely that the past will remain and the Lumia brand in the future new models will be branded differently – for example, Windows Phone 1020 is Lumia 1020.

Another interesting news is that Microsoft plans to add proprietary features to the Asha series. Talking about SkyDrive, Office and Xbox, which can appear in their Lite version in the budget phones. So Microsoft intends to prepare users for the transition to Windows Phone.

According to other rumors, the deal with Nokia will lead to the rebranding of the Surface tablets, so Microsoft may offer the same brand for tablets and smartphones. In any case, early next year we’re still going to see smartphones with a well-known brand since the closing of the acquisition of Nokia will take place no earlier than the first quarter of next year.


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