the»Blue screen» in Windows 10 will display a QR code

By | 09.12.2018

«Blue screen» in Windows 10 will display a QR code

«Синий экран» в Windows 10 будет отображать QR-код

Almost all computer users with Windows anyway faced with the so-called STOP-error, which is popularly called the «blue screen of death» (BSOD). The appearance of this screen was not changed until Windows 8, when he had something interesting and funny.

In 2012, Microsoft replaced the classic BSOD (which was full of technical jargon) a new screen with a sad smiley, the text «your PC has encountered a problem…» and the error code. «Screen of death» became less frightening, but at the same time and is less informative than in previous versions of Windows. In the same form, it migrated to Windows 10. It now seems that the company is going to slightly update it.

Our smartphones have become a tool that we use almost more than my own computer. Apparently, that is why Microsoft has decided that he can become the perfect assistant in finding information about critical errors occurring in the process of working with a PC.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the new BSOD contains a QR code that leads to a page with General information about a «blue screen» and ways of its elimination. To see him you can in the latest build of Windows 10.

«Синий экран» в Windows 10 будет отображать QR-код

It’s possible that it’s not all in the future the company will think of something else to inexperienced users it easier to understand their problem.

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