the Best program to recover data from hard drive

By | 10.12.2018

Best program to recover data from hard drive

What user is faced with the need to restore accidentally deleted files? This situation may occur not only due to accidental pressing, but also in cases where the storage device fails. To restore files from functioning and a damaged hard drive use recover files.


Unfortunately, Windows has built in utilities to restore files deleted from the recycle bin. But during the existence of the familiar to us the operating systems of various companies and programmers-fans have created a large variety of both paid and free programs to recover deleted files.


Understand how you restored your files


How it is possible to recover the files if the files are deleted from hard disk memory? It’s pretty simple! When you delete files even from recycle bin, Windows does not perform any functions, except as noted deleted files that they «removed».

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

That is, if necessary, free disk space, these files will actually be removed but over a period of time they will still be stored on the hard disk. If the user will try to recover your files during this period, in most cases, he will be able to return the necessary information.


Recovery files, as mentioned earlier, doing a program with different functionality and some special features. As the number of these programs far exceeded a dozen, it is quite difficult to choose the most suitable option. Try to understand, what is use of the program.


Some programs are: paid or free?


All programs recovery files are divided into free and require purchase for use. As a rule, popular and quality program offering a wide range of functions in every sphere, be it audio or file recovery sooner or later.


So most programs that restore the largest number of files, provide the most robust set of features and also have a convenient interface, are paid. Despite this, if you do not want to purchase the program, among the free options, there are also worthy options.


Video: diagnose and repair HDD



What if the lost files?


If you accidentally or on purpose deleted a file and realized that it was not to do the first look, not if he’d stayed in the «Basket». If you cleared a basket or deleted the file using Shift+Delete, in this case, you will have to resort to using one of the programs for file recovery. Consider restoration of files in the sample program Recuva.


To restore files, you must perform the following steps:


    • to run the program Recuva;


    • in the first menu click «Next»;

      Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска


    • in the next window, select the type of files that you will recover and click «Next»;


    • in the next window, specify the file location, if known to you;


    • at the top click on «switch to advanced mode». In advanced mode, more convenient to mark the files;


    • marking the desired files, click «Recover» and specify a save location.


Other programs have the great interface of this app, but the principle of performance of actions is the same. The program scans your disk for files that can be recovered, filter them according to your requirements and shows found files. Of found materials, the user can select the desired files for recovery.


Unfortunately some files are not restored completely or with an error. For better results, you can try to restore the file using another program.


Review free software to recover data from hard drive after formatting


In this section, we consider the most popular free software for file recovery.


Recuva — program to recover data from the hard disk in the Russian language, which has acquired the greatest popularity among the free versions of the apps. The main difference between Recuva is a simple and convenient interface. Thanks to the «recovery Wizard», by the principle of restoration can easily master even users that are very far from file.


The program also has a Portable version that represents experience with many devices. Recuva also supports major operating systems WindowsXP, 7, 8/8.1.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

Wise Data Recovery is another application, also specializing in recovering files from a portable hdd, flash drive, music player, memory card. The program has the main number of the most functional tools for working with file recovery. Free download this application from official website manufacturer.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

EaseUS Data Recovery — a program to recover data from external hard drive that has powerful features, which can recover data in various situations. The application is provided to developers free shareware, without buying the product can restore the information amount which will not exceed 2 GB. Difference of the program is to support not only Windows OS but also Mac OS, including the latest version of 10.9 and 10.8.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

Another quite popular program is Undelete 360 to recover deleted files from various storage devices. The program also has the ability to recover files lost due to system failures or minor mechanical damage drives.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

Fifth place in the list of the most popular programs to recover deleted files is a program Mini Tool Partition Recovery. The application has a simple and intuitive interface that makes the program comfortable to work with both experienced and novice users. The developer of this app also has a paid version that provides more functionality to work with remote information.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

PC Inspector File Recover is a another free app to recover files of different extensions. Despite the fact that this app is less popular in comparison with competitors, he is able to recover files even in cases where other programs can not cope with this task.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

The program Perfectfile Soft Recovery features a small size is only 500 KB. The program manages only the recovery of deleted files, information lost after the change file system or format the restore will fail.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

For users working with images provided by the program Photo Rec. This application has a wide range of features to recover photos that were deleted. Feature is the absence of the usual interface, so this option is suitable only for experienced users.


CD Recovery Tool Box is designed to recover files from CDs and DVDs. The program allows you to scan the disk for information about remote files that are being restored. It works also with damaged or scratched discs, providing the ability to recover the largest number of surviving files.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

The last program in the list of the most popular applications for recovering deleted files Pandora Recovery is. Despite the fact that the app is not very popular, it is one of the most powerful tools for performing operations with the deleted or lost files. Pandora Recovery works with hard drives and memory cards, flash drives and portable HDD.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

The best program for the recovery according to experts


So, what program to use best file recovery? Experts advise to use program R-Studio, and Recuva. These programs have proven themselves with the best hand thanks to the vast possibilities in restoring files. For users of the free application Recuva is the best program for file recovery.


Repair utility for Windows 7


In addition to restoring individual files, there are also programs for recovering the boot loader of the operating system. Typically, the loader «flies» as a result of installing additional operating system. One of the most common solutions is Multi Boot.


The app works with various operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The program has a simple interface, and Russian localization, so users can easily access the operating system.

Лучшая программа для восстановления данных с жесткого диска

At the moment there are many different options both paid and free programs to recover lost files. Each program has its own characteristics, so each user can choose the most suitable option.

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