the Best program for text recognition

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Best program for text recognition

The need to work with the text submitted in the form of graphic files, appears quite often. Whether it be a picture, scanned document, or a photocopy, manual set of information presented in them can take quite a long time.

To get rid of unnecessary work and save time, and had created a large number of programs that can recognize text and convert it to a more convenient format, ready for editing and copying.

Program overview

Programs for this purpose, there is a large number. To start working with them enough to have an image or scanned document that you want translated into the text. Most of them are similar by their functions, but at the same time and possess unique instruments suitable for specific purposes. How not to get lost in their diversity, and which ones are worth paying attention to? This will be discussed further.Лучшие программы для распознавания текста


The first and programs where we stop, is CuneiForm. This is a freely available software from Cognitive Technologies. It is mainly used for optical character recognition of the texts presented in the form of electronic copies or images. It quickly converts graphic file into text, which can be run in any office application.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

Main program features:

  • recognition of texts of any complexity;
  • the preservation of the structure of the original tables and formatting;
  • support many typefaces found in books, magazines and Newspapers;
  • using the built-in dictionary, which checks the result;
  • the possibility of expanding the vocabulary of the program at the expense of manual addition of new words and their import from text files;
  • batch processing of documents, well suited for the processing of multiple files;
  • support more than 20 languages.

    Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

F reemore OCR

Similar in function is Freemore OCR. This is a simple and freely available program, with which you can extract text from images in different formats and PDF documents. After scanning, the result can be saved in a file that can be opened with Notepad or Word.

Freemore OCR is:

  1. scan and extract text from images of documents in PDF format;
  2. support preview of the result and possibility of its editing;
  3. create a password and a digital signature certifying the copyright;
  4. working with a variety of popular formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, and others);
  5. simple and intuitive interface;
  6. gratuity distribution.

    Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

Please note! The work on such applications with the PDF documents may take longer than with a normal graphics file, due to large volume of source material.


FreeOCR is another handy app for optical text recognition. Has an intuitive interface and provides a set of all necessary tools. It is worth noting that the program menus in English, but because of its unusual approach to its design, it is clear to each user. Utility supports working with multiple images in different formats and PDF files.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

Features Of FreeOCR:

  1. the ability to convert images in all popular formats;
  2. the lack of a standard menu, instead of which the user is offered the large icons with the image of the desired action;
  3. minimalist interface, which preserved only the most necessary;
  4. recognition support for multiple languages, including and Russian;
  5. low system requirements.

Important! To install FreeOCR you must be connected to the Internet. Once launched, the program automatically updates its database and downloads the missing files from the online storage. During operation, upon detection of unfamiliar symbols or language, FreeOCR can also offer upgrade.

Video: recognize text from image


SimpleOCR – a similar program for text recognition after scanning. She is great to work with foreign languages, as it has a large and constantly evolving vocabulary. In addition to the standard set of functions, has the ability to search for words or combinations in the received text, and advanced formatting options. Well suited for handling longer texts.

Distinctive features SimpleOCR:

  1. the extensive dictionary for foreign languages, the manual filling;
  2. support batch download files.
  3. the possibility of allocating a specific fragment for conversion, which increases the processing speed;
  4. automatically correct defects in the original image, improving the quality of recognized text;
  5. full formatting, including complex tables;
  6. undemanding to system resources;
  7. free distribution.

    Лучшие программы для распознавания текста


RiDoc – the app, whose main function is to work with scanned copies of documents and convert them to plain text. It all ready for scanning – you can simply connect the printer and start working, then the program will start processing selected files.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

In addition, it allows you to reduce the document size without losing the quality of the source material. Function RiDoc:

  1. a great set of tools for working with printers, support for most popular models;
  2. the ability to combine multiple documents into a single file, editing and layout;
  3. the creation of the gallery, which stores all the results obtained;
  4. export to MS Word, PDF, and graphic files;
  5. send e-mail directly from the application interface;
  6. create watermarks, protect the result;
  7. the speed and ease.


img2txt – standard application that converts various types of graphics files to text material. The program supports the most known formats, easy to use and is freely available.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

Main functions and features:

  1. image conversion in different formats to text files;
  2. recognition of scanned documents and text on the pictures;
  3. very simple menu, contains a sufficient set of tools;
  4. store the result in various formats;
  5. gratuity distribution.

Please note! img2txt like other similar apps, has its online version, on the development and improvement of which now focused its creators.


SunnyPage is a handy utility that allows to download and convert different types of images, whether scanned copy of a document, picture or photo in good quality. It supports and work with PDF documents. The program includes an extensive dictionary, and the function of automatic recognition of language.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

In addition, SunnyPage:

  1. supports download of additional dictionaries and manually adding new words and phrases;
  2. working with large volumes with the ability to save them in a single file;
  3. has a set of functions to edit images, automatic settings brightness and getting rid of defects;
  4. «reads» most known formats;
  5. allows to save the result in Word file;
  6. has a multilingual interface.

The program for scanning and text recognition Abbyy Finereader

ABBYY FineReader deserves the best in its kind program for text recognition. Its popularity is due to the presence of all necessary functions that the user is looking for in such applications. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office that allows you to start working with the document immediately after completion of the conversion process.

What can ABBYY FineReader?

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

  1. quickly removed and «translate» the text from a graphic file or PDF document in a standard Word format;
  2. to retain the formatting, pictures and tables that appear in the original;
  3. to recognize characters even from the original low quality and automatically improve it;
  4. to work with a huge amount of popular formats;
  5. automatically identify more than 180 languages;
  6. checking the spelling, checking with a built-in dictionary;
  7. send the result to the specified email address;
  8. protect it with password and watermark.

    Лучшие программы для распознавания текста


Capture2Text is a portable application with a large set of functions for working with documents. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to create a screenshot and save as image. You can then get to work, transferring the received information in the traditional document formats.

Capture2Text does not require installation and can be run from a flash drive. This makes it applicable in many areas and is indispensable for those who always need to have at hand a simple and powerful Converter.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

Capture2Text has many interesting functions:

  • conversion of standard images (pictures, scans, photocopies) to Word documents;
  • speech recognition (including Russian) and voice dialing;
  • the ability to assign hot keys;
  • capture text from your desktop or its part and subsequent processing.

Google Docs

In addition to all these tools, the function of optical character recognition of text fragments is present in Google docs. The service supports work with files in the formats JPG, PNG and GIF and multipage PDF documents. Sources can serve as images obtained through scanners, as well as conventional photography.

Лучшие программы для распознавания текста

It is worth noting that when using this service, the result does not retain the original formatting. Some structures, such as lists, columns, and footnotes, may be lost.

It greatly influences the quality of uploaded image file. Received documents can be saved to Google Drive, then downloaded to a computer or sent via e-mail.

Each of the reviewed programs have all the necessary instruments to fulfil its original purpose – convert various file formats to text documents. However, they differ in their set of additional functionality, interface and languages. To work is to choose the application (or several) that meets your needs and is able to cope with the task.

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