the best antivirus for Windows

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The best antivirus for Windows

To protect your computer from malicious programs using special programs. Their work is rapid detection and removal of hazards. When working on the Internet they filter the incoming data so as not to miss a threat. There are a huge number of antivirus programs. They all work for the same goal, but use different principles. Some are complex, resource-intensive programs and other small applications. For different configurations of computers, such programs should be individualized.

What is the antivirus

Antivirus program is a application that is running in the background. In its settings there is information by which it is able to recognize malicious software or code, even before all of this can cause harm.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

Programs that do not pass viruses on the computer, watching the incoming data in memory. They also check all the processes that occur during operation. The sequence of actions may be different. Often this is a danger alert and a question, what actions to take.

Review free antivirus

Kaspersky anti-virus (Yandex version)

This program from legendary Russian manufacturer is one of the most reliable. She really misses almost 99.9% of viruses. Its database is updated twice a day. This allows you to promptly obtain effective protection.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

Yandex version of this program differs from the basic version, a different design and integrated advertising. Also when you install you are prompted to install Yandex services. However, they may be waived, if you clear the appropriate checkboxes. A nice bonus is free use for 6 months. Throughout this line there is little restriction in the absence of the technical support program. To understand what free antivirus is best for Windows 7, you need to try this program.

Utility Dr.Web CureIt

This tool is a small utility that can, for example, a free download for Windows 7. It runs from time to time by the user. Its principal difference from the rest is one use only. It is able to detect viruses that have already penetrated into the computer.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

To the base was relevant, it needs to be updated before scanning. This can be done by downloading a new version from the official website. This analysis tool based on the core Dr. Web, but is not able to work in real-time.

AVAST 2014 Free Antivirus

This is one of the most popular antivirusnikov, which effectively protects the computer from all threats, and downloaded without SMS and registration. This program has the fastest virus database update. For suspicious files and processes it uses so-called «sandbox». It’s a secure environment that ensures the safe operation of viral programs.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

New this year was the redesigned user interface, which has become much easier. Most functions can be set to automatic mode. For secure sites the program gives notification on degree of confidence. Also worth noting is a good filter ads and pop-UPS.

AVG Free 2014

This is one of the best free antivirus systems. It allows you to identify malware in real time and block dangerous sites. Has its own assessment of the content for threats and allows safe searching online.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

The organization of the program is intuitive and does not cause discomfort. One of the disadvantages is the constant invitation to buy the paid version of the program. From him, of course, can refuse to use free antivirusnik.

Comodo Antivirus

This program from the American developer is a comprehensive malware protection. It protects the system for all channels that are online on the computer. For convenience, there is a custom scan for viruses. This can be done by dragging the shortcut to the program in the active window antivirus.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

For secure operation the user may use a virtual desktop. This allows not to fear for the consequences of the work. In this mode, a virtual keyboard, which eliminates the work of the various interceptors. In addition, the program has its own secure browser, Dragon.

Avira Free Antivirus 2013

Among the free antivirus programs that antivirusnik is easy to use and doesn’t take much system resources. After installation almost no settings are required. He copes with all known threats and allows you to walk safely on the Internet.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

To user needs, this program can be set more carefully. For this settings you need to choose the «expert» mode. To test the system you can use the Express test or launch a thorough inspection of all the files on your computer.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

This analysis tool uses the innovative technology of «cloud intelligence».

Such a system allows some of the load off the CPU. Also his weapons have proactive tools that can detect unknown threats.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

This program provides maximum performance for the system. It starts to work only when needed. Also worth noting is the «vaccination» removable drives from malware. This happens with each new connection.

USB Disk Security

This is a specific solution that allows you to protect 100% your PC from intrusion through USB channels. This problem antivirusnik cope better. In terms of protection is the best solution for windows xp.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

Feature of the program is its full autonomy. Therefore, it is not necessary absolutely no updates. For our purposes it uses a special algorithm that does not require constant maintenance.

The best commercial antivirus rated 2014

According to the results of thorough testing of a large number of antivirus programs, honored the Kaspersky anti-virus.

He showed the best results in the fight against viruses and other security threats for your computer.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

But it’s worth noting that another antivirus Bitdefender, behind leader at negligible amount. So it also can be attributed to the winners in the ranking.

The best antivirus among free antivirus rated 2014

Top 2014 world antivirus software heads 360 Internet Security.

She showed the best results compared to others. The main competitor was the program Qihoo, which last year won.

Review of paid antivirus software

ESET NOD32 and ESET NOD32 Smart Security

This is a complex solution for computer security and laptop. In addition to superior protection, which includes versatile monitoring, the user gets protection from theft. So it is well suited for a laptop.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

When you use the program, available to flexible setting the detection of viruses. This allows to adapt to different conditions of operation of the computer. An additional module allows you to configure the safe use of USB storage.

Kaspersky Internet Security

It is the undisputed leader in protection against viruses. This antivirus is best for Windows. The program ensures the safety of the Internet, and check all the channels feed information into the computer. Among them are checking the Wi-Fi network before it was connected to her.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

In addition, there are advanced features in the form of blocking unauthorized activation of the webcam and the elimination of advertising. For financial transactions, the network can include a special feature that protects data from interception.

By choosing this product, the user will be fully protected, but it will have to pay for the performance of the system. This is due to the fact that the program takes for their needs an impressive amount of resources.

Norton AntiVirus

Program for anti-virus protection from Symantec, was one of the first in this case. It is the most balanced due to its low demands on computer resources. The interface it simple and intuitive.

One of the innovations of this program compared to others is the safe treatment of the system files. Since you can’t remove them, then gently heals antivirusnik code sections and returns to their seats.

Самый хороший антивирус для Windows

Norton AntiVirus, even before installing detects problem areas in the system. After the software is installed, these errors will be corrected in the first place.

The differences between free and paid antivirus programs

Most of the programs, which are intended for free use provide the same opportunities as paid. But their work will be less money for tuning, and additional features that enhance security.

Paid options often have high-quality technical support, as well as additional funds. In addition, there are trial antivirus for PC, which usually operates 1 or more months.

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Users are asking: What is the best antivirus for Windows 8?

They say Kaspersky Internet Security. His praise for quality work. Among a large number of antivirus programs there are clear leaders. They protect the system better than the rest, but consume large amount of resources. In this regard, for convenient operation, you need to choose a middle ground. This allows you to be confident in the protection and does not tolerate low performance of your computer.

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