the benefits of the program MS Excel

By | 10.12.2018

The advantages of MS Excel

The main advantage of Office Excel is the large number of built-in standard features that allows you to easily and quickly apply different calculations. An inline function is a formula that has been prepared in advance. Before writing it is necessary to enter the » = » sign. Excel provides several categories of functions, which significantly simplifies the work. Mathematical and trigonometric functions are used in the processing of matrices and solution of various problems. Logical functions are suitable for solving problems with defined conditions.

Work with tabular data can be greatly simplified when using aggregate functions. They allow to carry out economic research and statistical calculations. Among the categories of special place is occupied by financial, text, information and engineering functions. There is also the possibility to process all the data in the format of time and date.

Developers Excel has taken care to ensure that the application functions do not cause users any difficulty. With this purpose was created the function wizard. It helps to correctly enter the formula and save the sequence of instructions data. The use of this service helps you quickly to apply the standard functions. So the user not confused, there is a list of categories. Also available in a separate window to view all the standard features. When selecting a specific item will be displayed not only syntax, but also a General description of the function. Arguments do not have to enter it manually. The easiest way to highlight cells in the table.

Преимущества программы MS Excel

Data obtained after using the formula you can display on the worksheet, creating charts, or chart.

We should also mention the possibility of autocomplete, which works when using any function from the list. It should be noted that due to the particular type of addressing can change the function arguments. In practice, the autocomplete works very simply. So, if necessary, to display the maximum value in multiple columns of a spreadsheet, it is sufficient to apply the function only once. You can then use the autocomplete and the program itself will find the desired value.

The simplified interface elements in the program

MS Excel is a program in the form of a table with which the data are processed. It is also possible to carry out complex mathematical operations and calculations. The simplified interface elements in our program can be seen immediately after you start Excel. In the upper part of the window is its title bar and buttons to minimize, maximize and close. Located below the standard toolbar. If desired, this panel can be edited by removing or adding certain buttons. Next is the formula bar, which displays the contents of the selected cell.

This string can be used when you edit or enter any formulae or data. Line, located just below, demonstrate the column and row headings. In the bottom of the window is the status bar.

Table in MS Office Excel is the number of cells of all sheets in one workbook where the data is stored and formulas. Not everyone knows that on one worksheet contains 256 columns and 65536 rows. The line marked with simplified numbers and the columns by the Latin letters. Arguments of any formula is the cell reference or range. By the way, these cells do not need to be on the same page of the book. The cell reference is its address represented by the row number and column letter. Moreover individual cells and ranges you can assign the names. All formulas in Excel are calculated automatically. The result appears in the cell. The formula itself can only be seen in the formula bar.

To close the program in the Excel interface, click on the icon cross icon in the title bar. You can also select the desired item on the Office menu or use Alt+F4.

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