the Beginning of a interesting «friendship» between Google and Microsoft?

By | 10.12.2018

Interesting «friendship» between Google and Microsoft?

You remember that Microsoft is not very friendly to the Chromebook? It turns out that the reason for this is that laptops from Google seriously began to fill schools in the United States. I want to remind you about the fact that they never had, but soon it can happen – a smartphone with Android from Nokia.

At the moment we know that this device will reportedly use a version of the operating system, which will be removed all applications from Google and it can be defined as «a two-edged sword». On the one hand, Microsoft will be able to bet on their applications, to attract consumers to himself. On the other hand, the lack of typical applications from Google can lead to lower sales.

Why did I even tell you about it? One of the reasons is that Google is going to use Windows applications in Chrome OS. Actually this is not good news for Microsoft as this «friendship» means that Google will try to win not only schools but corporate users. This happens when VMWare, with whose help the company from mountain view will add traditional Windows applications to Chromebooks. About it writes the Verge. The software will enable enterprises to run their software on servers that will transmit a picture on Chrome OS, or other devices. This solution is not perfect, and this means that many companies will prefer the original. So Google is likely to try to «steal» smaller companies, who have to make the transition from Windows XP.

Начало интересной «дружбы» между Google и Microsoft?

But that’s not all. As we already reported, Microsoft can transfer your Android application in Windows. and The Verge familiar with the plans of Microsoft, said that the company is serious glances to the side to allow Android apps to run not only Windows Phone but in Windows. Currently these plans are at an early stage of discussion, and opinions in the company apart – some staff members support this idea, but others believe that this could lead to the end of the Windows platform.

Android still on the rise, and this is a serious obstacle to the further spread of Windows Phone. Perhaps, for anybody not a secret that one of the biggest problems of the mobile operating system from Microsoft called «lack of apps». Transfer those of Android can and will help, but it’s not the solution that we have already demonstrated the BlackBerry.

Начало интересной «дружбы» между Google и Microsoft?

One thing is clear – if Microsoft decides to do something similar, the company will need serious help. Intel and BlueStacks are some of the potential partners that can help. At CES 2014, Intel showed its concept of «Dual OS», which the producers use to create devices running Windows and Android, and offers the BlueStacks emulator, which allows you to run Android application in Windows. Assuming that Microsoft will sign a partnership agreement with one of these companies, migrating Android apps to Windows and Windows Phone will be quite an easy process. However, the idea Android apps on Windows Phone sounds more than strange, but has its own logic – for the company.

I wonder if this is really going to happen, as many users will decide to buy a device with Windows Phone, and Android apps, and what will be the situation with compatibility?

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