the Asus is another company that disappointed in Windows RT

By | 10.12.2018

Asus is another company that disappointed in Windows RT

The Surface RT from Microsoft is not popular among consumers, but the same fate befell similar models from other companies. Various hardware partners of the software giant, which at one time decided to feel the soil with devices running Windows RT, started to give a retreat. Asus is just another manufacturer who is not satisfied with the sales of tablets with a stripped-down version of Windows 8, and plain text says that is unlikely to make any new attempts in this direction.

The head of the Asus johnny Shih said in an interview with AllThingsD that «the results are not very promising», and in the future his company will prefer devices with a full version of Windows 8 and Intel processors.

Let me remind you that Windows RT is «inferior» version of Windows 8 you can only install apps from the Windows Store. In parallel with this disadvantage of the device on this platform are sold at inflated prices. Microsoft, however, was recently forced to reduce the price of its Surface RT, but, apparently, it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Asus is not going to abandon devices with Windows 8 and plans 8-and 10-inch tablets, the Asus VivoTab RT with Windows RT is unlikely to be continued.

: AllThingsD

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