the assistants of the support of PC manufacturers advise to avoid Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

The support staff of PC manufacturers advise to avoid Windows 10

Сотрудники службы поддержки производителей ПК советуют избегать Windows 10

Although many people were looking forward to Windows 10, some manufacturers seem not so much inspired by the new operating system. According to am website a Laptop, staff support services Dell and HP advises users to avoid Windows 10 and even go to one of the previous versions of the platform if you have already installed the «ten».

This practice is not altogether surprising, the newspaper notes. Typically, manufacturers train their personnel to work with a limited range of products, and therefore the release of a new version of the software support team may not be competent enough to give people advice on how to cope with a particular problem. On the other hand Microsoft is trying by all means to impose on the users the need to upgrade the computers even those with Windows 7, to Windows 10. But since not all devices were created to work with the new version, the update causes unexpected problems.

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