the Application SUPERAntispyware: list of the main features

By | 10.12.2018

The application SUPERAntispyware: list of the main features

The most popular operating systems worldwide are the systems of the Windows family. This contributes to a continuous growth of the number of creation of these systems for various malicious programs. If this program penetrate computer, minimal loss will be considered long-term cleanup of the system or reinstalling it again.

Much unpleasant it would be to lose important business information. The best remedy for this situation is the application specifically developed to combat malware programs, such as applications SUPERAntispyware.

The main advantages of the program

SUPERAntispyware is a simple and free app to detect the operating system of spyware and other malicious programs, and their subsequent neutralization. Main features:

  • Three types of file system check, registry, and memory (full, quick or manual).
  • The application can specify which areas of the test are reliable, which leads to an increase in scanning speed.
  • Function to find and remove spyware, ads, Trojans, keyloggers, dialers and similar threats.
  • Reduction in the rate of the desktop settings, registry, and Internet connections.
  • Timely recognition that installs spyware, and blocking them.
  • Multi-level test, which can detect both known threats and as yet undefined program that allows to increase the effectiveness of the protection of the user’s computer.
  • Continuous monitoring of more than 50 of the most vulnerable at start-up and shutdown places the system.
  • The ability to recognize modules that hide their presence in the operating system that may be a sign of potentially dangerous programs.
  • A function of scanning that allows you to customize the program as you wish.

Specially organized group of experts regularly monitors the Internet, the emergence of new malware and, if necessary, updates the application database. Besides the functions of removing threats from malicious application SUPERAntispyware is able to remove found vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, from time to time in nothingness.

For private personal use the program is free.

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