the advantages of the torrent trackers and the program RatioMaster

By | 10.12.2018

What is the advantage of torrent trackers?

In the network there are a large number of torrent sites where you sign up and free to download any of the files. Today for downloading ordinary resources are used rarely, only if it’s a small file, and if none is known file hosting don’t have the program. Download large file with regular site for a few hours, but if you urgently need to leave, turning off computer, the downloading process will be interrupted and all will need to start over. Therefore, only torrent tracker meets all the needs of users. First, there’s even a download of the feature film can take several minutes. Secondly, interrupting this process, the next time the computer is turned on, the download will continue from where it failed.

Torrent trackers are no less popular than the social network. With higher ranking, increased download speed, although to broadband Internet, this is not true. Anyway, if you have any fast Internet connection, you can work, not paying attention to the rating, although many users pick it up without much effort and waste of time. To this end, developed special programs, one of which is RatioMaster.

Преимущества торрент-трекеров и программа RatioMaster

You can easily find through any search engine and quickly installed on the computer. Then open the program and choose Russian language. Then, find the «browse» button, click on it and browse to the torrent file. Go to settings, choose the desired speed of receiving files. Here you can configure host, network, find out the pid of the torrent, and free download the latest version of the program.

Download speed even when folded program: to do this, just hover your cursor on the icon. Remember, the less running the race, the higher the speed.

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