the add new hardware Wizard

By | 10.12.2018

Add new hardware Wizard

As soon as the user reconnects to the computer a new device, the operating system, automatically determining its presence, trying to install for it to work correctly all you need. However, if for some reason this did not happen, there is a possibility to install software to it. The features of this process and will devote this article.

Установка нового оборудования через Мастер установкиThe add hardware wizard

To carry out such a procedure you can use the add hardware wizard, access which to produce the required operations, performing the following steps:

  1. to open the menu of the control Panel;
  2. choose «Printer and other hardware»;
  3. after the first dialogue, select in the task pane «add hardware»;
  4. clicking the «Next» button will lead to the beginning of the search for available hardware components, the result of which will be issued in the form of a list in which nodes near the driver, which is not adjusted, will host a question mark;
  5. selecting this item and clicking the Next button, the wizard will continue to work in the mode that will update the driver to it;
  6. when adding a new node, click on «Add a new device», and then in the window that opens, you must enter data about him, and to carry out the search automatically. In both cases the result will be the same.

The problem with the detection connected component

If for any reason the system fails to automatically detect a new hardware node, you must:

  1. click the «Back» button that will return to the window mode add;
  2. switch to «Select hardware from list»;
  3. in the wizard dialog from the list of groups of different devices, highlight the one to which the reporting unit belongs;
  4. if not, select «Show all devices»,
  5. after clicking «Next» a new window will appear with a list of models and manufacturers of the selected group of devices among which to search for your specific case.

Disk usage software

In case if after the above steps, the necessary hardware node provided by the program in the list, you need to use the CD that came with it:

  1. in the setup wizard, click «have disk»;
  2. after opening a new dialog, insert the disk in the drive and click «OK»;
  3. from the opened list of available disk software equipment, to choose necessary and click «OK». In the future, depending on the type of installed apparatus, the master can be issued several conversations in which the user will need to specify the requested equipment and various parameters;
  4. at the end of the wizard, you will proceed to operation of the device.

Action in the event of a failure of the software

Each subsequent time after installation, the software updates available on PC hardware nodes that run the OS to remember the last good driver.

In case of any problems with the updated software, and the impossibility of restarting Windows, you need to use, if this was earlier, during the normal functioning of the PC, created a system restore point. To implement such a rollback can start the computer in Safe mode, and choosing from the list of available images suitable. It should also be possible to simple remove the driver of the failed node, and then recover during normal working OS that is available also after starting the PC in Safe mode.

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