the 5 best YouTube apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT

By | 10.12.2018

5 best YouTube apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT

Applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype, IM+, Wikipedia, Adobe Reader, etc. contributed to the development of the ecosystem of modern apps for Windows 8, but there is one app missing from this list, and that’s YouTube. Obviously, Google has no plans to release this app soon, but do not worth it, as the Windows Store contains many great alternatives from third party developers.

Some of these applications are paid, but there are free. Some offer a lot of features, while others boast an elegant interface. But if you are not sure which of them deserves your attention, I propose to see our selection of 5 best YouTube apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT, which is completely free to use.


MetroTube app is developed by the same developers behind the popular MetroTweet. The app’s interface looks amazing, but it’s not the only good feature of MetroTube. The app has many features and fully optimized for tablets, and this means that it without a hitch will work on Microsoft Surface and other tablets with Windows 8 or RT. MetroTube allows users to alternate between video resolution and, in addition, you can view videos by category. And if you have an account on YouTube, you can enter it to get the ability to browse favorites, leave comments, etc.

5 лучших приложений YouTube для Windows 8 и Windows RTPrimeTube

Personally, I consider PrimeTube as a worthy alternative to MetroTube. This app offers almost all the features that you will find in MetroTube, plus a great touch-friendly interface. And in the same way as MetroTube, PrimeTube allows you to easily choose the video quality. Moreover, through the app you can search for videos, leave comments and even click on the buttons «I like» or «I don’t like it.» In short, MetroTube and PrimeTube are largely neck-and-neck with the point of view of possibilities, so the choice of those two depends on user taste and preferences.

5 лучших приложений YouTube для Windows 8 и Windows RTYour Tube 8

Another good alternative is the name of Your Tube 8. The drop-down menu in the app allows you to instantly jump to favorite categories. Also through the app you can perform a custom search. However, Your Tube 8 is pretty limited in terms of features, but in Windows Store there is a paid Pro version of this app which seriously extends the functionality, including allows you to download download videos.

5 лучших приложений YouTube для Windows 8 и Windows RTLucky Tube

This app should appeal to those who are crazy about the interface of iOS 6 and previous versions of the operating system. The fact that Lucky Tube has an interface which creates the impression that you’re using the iPad, and has nothing to do with the modern interface of Microsoft, with the exception of horizontal scrolling. The app, however, allows you to choose a topic that has a flat style and much more in keeping with the idea of the design of Windows 8.

At the feature set, Lucky Tube is not inferior to the applications mentioned above. Videos can be downloaded, can be viewed in full screen mode, you can choose the quality, you can log in to your account, etc, there is everything you need and even more. In addition, the application very fast.

5 лучших приложений YouTube для Windows 8 и Windows RTHyper for YouTube

The last app is my personal favorite. Hyper for YouTube is not only very beautiful, but very functional YouTube client. Besides being able to download the video or audio tracks, Hyper for YouTube is able to continue playing the current video when wandering through the various sections of the application. If you used the latest version of the official YouTube app on iOS or Android, you should know what I’m talking about. Another plus – the application is completely Russified interface.

The free version is slightly limited. I mean that you will not be able to simultaneously download multiple videos, switch between the color schemes of the interface and attach the video to the start screen. But even in its free form Hyper for YouTube deserves the same attention as the rest of the application from our selection.

5 лучших приложений YouTube для Windows 8 и Windows RT

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