Than in 2017 pleased with the smartphone market?

By | 11.12.2018

What’s new brought in 2017 the smartphone market

This year, the smartphone market was very dynamic and we were able to see many attractive Premier from the leading manufacturers. New models that were introduced this year, have a more elegant design, edge-to-edge display, dual rear camera, more powerful battery and support facial recognition. If you have one of the top models in 2017, be sure to have a unique combination of high quality and the most advanced technologies.

The main trend in the industry during the year are displays with the ratio 18:9 and it will remain an important feature of smartphones in 2018 Integration of such panels not only changes the appearance of the device, but also provides more space for multimedia content and games. Thus, even models with 5.7-inch displays is very convenient to use with one hand, which is important to many people. Also, over the last 12 months has significantly improved opportunities for photography.

Чем в 2017 году порадовал рынок смартфонов?

New smartphones already offer a dual rear camera with high resolution, and this has become the standard for the industry. The company has developed for its models additional software solutions that improved opportunities for shooting. Huge competition between manufacturers significantly reduced the cost of devices. Currently you can buy a fairly good smartphone for a few hundred dollars, and most of them are expected to get Android Oreo. A good example in this respect are the elegant models of such brands as Vernee, Ulefone and Revo, which are becoming increasingly popular due to affordable prices.

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