testing Program officially launched the Skype Translator preview

By | 10.12.2018

Testing program Skype Translator officially launched

Today Skype Translator has overcome another milestone with the official launch of the first phase of the program testing. Registration is intended for users that have expressed their interest in testing, was opened in November.

Initially supported languages will be English and Spanish, but even with the entrance to a more Mature stage of development is an important step forward, as it is a project that requires many years of research.

For those of you not familiar with Skype Translator, this service is Skype, which in real time provides written and spoken translation of the proposals voiced on the other side during a video call. The basis of Skype Translator are protocols machine learning and speech recognition algorithms. This service has huge potential to break down language barriers.

Skype Translator preview available for Windows 8.1 devices and Windows 10 Technical Preview, but the team has already confirmed its readiness to expand the number of supported devices and languages.

You can always Express your interest to participate in the next stages of the project, by clicking on this link.

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