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By | 11.04.2016

In the network a lot of different services. Among them are useful services to help you in some way. There services are fun and interesting. Internet speed test can be considered a useful on-line services, which you can find on the net. But what you may need a reliable internet speed test? It’s simple. You are sitting on a fairly expensive tariff and provider swears and swears that with the speed you are all OK. But then you realize that the stated speed and does not smell. And then you use our internet speed test, and you recognize the truth. Do you Like it and you will be able to take advantage of this knowledge, we can not say, but you will have accurate information.

Or another option. You had an argument with a friend, whose Internet better. And are ready to suffer for the truth, but do not argue. Take the test speed of the Internet on the website realist and all becomes clear.

Or maybe you accidentally found this site and the speed test on it and just for the sake of interest will pass the test and find out what speed you.

So whatever the reason, but the test speed of the Internet is quite a useful service.

And if you’re ready, start to test Internet speed. To do this, simply click the link below and wait for the result of the Internet speed test. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, internet speed test may take some time, so that — patience.

By Ookla the — The global broadband speed test

The most popular in the world to connect to the Internet speed test:. More than 5 million checks per day
Global coverage:. Verification with more than 2,500 servers worldwide
results that can be trusted: Ookla Speedtest test gives the most accurate results. — speed internet connection

Our service allows you to quickly and easily measure the speed of your internet connection. What is it for? Everyone has their own reasons. Someone wants to test the actual speed that provides the Internet service provider who wants to boast to your friends, and someone just nothing else to do;) In any case, once you have come to us, do not pass by and measure your speed.

The Test Speed ​​- Internet speed test

On our website you can test your connection speed to the internet and compare the results with typical results of other ISPs. Speed ​​test is an application to test the speed and quality of Internet connection. The application checks the 3 main parameters:
1. Download Speed ​​Test — the rate of receiving data from the Internet to your computer
2. Upload Speed ​​Test — data transfer rate from your computer to the Internet.
3. Ping (latency) — the time in milliseconds required to transfer to the Internet and receive back a small packet of data.

Testinternet — Find out what you pay money provider. Check speed.

For more accurate results, before the test is recommended to complete in-line connection, such as downloading files, listen to Internet radio, etc.
If the result was below the claimed service provider, do not rush to conclusions, since join conditions depend on many factors: the server load, non-flying weather, magnetic storms, the full moon, traffic congestion, etc. :-)

speed.yorest — Testing Internet connection speed

How does the definition of Internet speed?
Like any speed, Internet speed is defined as the number of transmitted bits at a certain time (1 byte — 8 bits). The higher data rate via your internet connection, the faster you will be able to download from the Internet to his various files, and the faster will be loaded in your browser pages of different sites. On this site you can measure the speed of the internet online and view the results of previous measurements. To measure the speed of the Internet, you can many times — it’s absolutely free. — Test your Internet connection speed

For the test, you will need some time. Try during the test to stop all downloads and do not open other Internet pages, as well as not to receive mail. We also recommend that the test time to disable anti-virus software to get the most accurate result. — This is the page dimensions of your Internet connection speed

You want to know what your internet connection speed? Or you want to make sure that your actual speed corresponds to the stated provider?
All this is possible with the help of the online internet speed test. Speed ​​test will not take much of your time — you need to enter the code and click on the button «Test».

Script «speed test internet connection»

This script is author, was written to order a few years ago.
The script does not use external resources, testing Internet speed and output of the results takes place entirely on your hosting.
Script works Examples can be found at the following sites:
1. http: //

Set test script speed Internet is very simple:
1. Download the archive with the script test internet speed (in .zip format)
2. Unzip the archive
3. Pour the contents of the folder with the script to your website
4. Set the folder testfiles write permissions (chmod 777)

Installing internet speed test script is completed.

Use of health!)

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