technical official, Microsoft will stop support for Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

Official Microsoft stops technical support for Windows 8

Microsoft прекращает официальную техническую поддержку Windows 8

Starting today (12 January), Microsoft has officially stopped support for Windows 8. For many users, this news may come as a shock because, based on previous versions of the operating system, they probably hoped that the «eight» will have a much longer life cycle. In parallel, the software giant will stop supporting all old versions of Internet Explorer. In other words, all versions of IE that are not relevant to particular OS versions will no longer receive security updates.

The company’s decision to stop servicing Windows 8 may seem sudden, but in fact it is the next step towards reducing fragmentation of Windows and a gradual transition to a single operating system version (Windows 10). About their intentions in this direction, Microsoft announced a long time ago – before the advent of Windows 10 last summer. Now it looks like the forced transition to later versions of Windows, but in the long run this move will benefit all users. The reduction of the fragmentation of the platform will ensure a more effective and rapid response on the part of Microsoft when it detects vulnerabilities in the operating system. Thus, instead of just a bunch of less protected versions, the operating system will have one, but it is much more secure version.

The termination of official support for Windows 8 will affect an insignificant portion of users. Appeared in the October 2013 version 8.1 is offered free of charge, and most users of the group use it. In addition, a lot of people would take advantage of the offer (which still applies) free upgrade from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to the new version 10.

In parallel with the termination of support for Windows 8, Microsoft announced that they intend to serve version 8.1 until January 10, 2023. However, if you took the opportunity of free passage to the top 10, will receive official support until October 2025.

More important, although at first glance it does not appear, but is a rejection of all the old versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft прекращает официальную техническую поддержку Windows 8

Still when a new version of Microsoft’s browser has consistently served the previous version of IE throughout the period of support version Windows with which it appeared. Internet Explorer 6, for example, received regular updates until April 2014 – the date when it was terminated official support for Windows XP, which debuted this notorious sixth version of IE. Now, however, Microsoft both «beheaded» all the old IE versions, guaranteeing support «only for the latest version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system.»

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