SurroundWeb from Microsoft: interactive content on the walls of a room

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft’s SurroundWeb: interactive content on the walls of the room

Microsoft research team has demonstrated a new immersive technology called SurroundWeb, which is based on the concept of the project IllumiRoom. However, the new project is intended for web content.

If you remember, last year Microsoft showed a futuristic gaming technology called IllumiRoom, which allows you to project a portion of the image of video games beyond the TV and onto the walls, creating a spectacular effect of immersion. Now the Microsoft Research team demonstrated the technology SurroundWeb, which, in essence, is the same, but uses a combination of projectors, mobile devices and depth cameras to display web content on the walls and other surfaces a new and interactive way.

The video shows several examples of how users can use the new technology. For example, during a game in the racing simulator on the display table with statistics in, and chat messages and television broadcast.

Of course, SurroundWeb is not limited only to TV. According to the authors, the concept can be used throughout the house. For example, in the kitchen, users can get a list of recipes and ingredients for cooking a certain dish.

As for security, Microsoft stressed that user privacy is one of the priorities in the framework of this project, and claims that SurroundWeb will not transmit information to the Internet.

The concept is really interesting, but when you consider that IllumiRoom is not yet available on the market, then it is likely that SurroundWeb will be locked until, while the world will not be ready for such.

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