Surface Pro 4 could be launched in two versions

By | 10.12.2018

The Surface Pro 4 could be launched in two versions

Surface Pro 3 has become the most successful convertible device from Microsoft. Moreover, the Pro 3 is the best device in its class, and many of the owners confirm to Microsoft word that it really can replace a laptop in certain scenarios, because it offers a full version of Windows and powerful hardware. However, each device must be developed and improved.

Today, Yahoo has reported that Surface Pro 4 will we see this year. The new tablet will be offered in two variants, each of which will run Windows 10. And although the information is not accompanied by technical specifications, it is expected that the Pro 4 will get a removable stand which will help you to use the device as a laptop and as a tablet.

According to the same a, 12-model will retain the current version of the resolution (2160 x 1440 pixels), whereas the second model will be equipped with 8-inch display. Ie rumors about Surface Pro Mini, which we hoped to see back in may of last year, back.

While all of this is just rumors, we know that Microsoft can’t count on the Surface Pro 3 for a long time. The tablet needs updated equipment, and if the company will approach this matter in all seriousness, there is every chance that the Surface Pro 4 will be even bigger hit than its predecessor.

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