Strongly heated the computer power supply

By | 10.12.2018

Strongly heated the computer’s power supply

Usually to understand why heat the power supply on the computer is quite simple. Since most often this phenomenon occurs for fairly standard reasons, of which a limited quantity. The elimination of this trouble is sometimes possible even without intervention in the hardware part of your PC, you need software.

Signs of overheating

To determine that the computer’s power supply heats up quite simply. Even if you don’t open the casing – there are some indirect signs that indicate the presence of increased temperature of the component parts of the PC.

These include the following:

  • sensors – the temperature goes beyond the permissible limits;
  • slows down the functioning of the operating system;
  • the machine alone is restarted;
  • the coolers are spinning for a long time very quickly.

What show sensors

When the PSU heats up too much, it affects the temperature of all other devices located inside the PC.

Be sure to know the normal temperature for all parts where there are appropriate sensors:

  • Central processor;
  • motherboard;
  • video card;
  • other.

To learn the readings through the BIOS a version to display all necessary values.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

For this purpose, special programs:

  • Speed Fan;
  • CPU-Z;
  • TempReal Core Temp.

The list is quite extensive.


Another indirect indicator of abnormal operation of BP is a strong slowdown of their PCs.

And it affects all tasks that are running on it:

  • working with video files;
  • copying and recording onto the HDD, and other media;
  • «retarded» is restarting, turn your PC;
  • other tasks requiring large amount of resources.

If the user observes such phenomena, it is necessary to check sensor readings on your PC. Perhaps BP started to devote a large amount of heat inside the system unit.

Video: cleaning the dust from the power supply

The computer restarts

Sometimes the system can start to spontaneously reboot. The cause can be due to viruses, OS issues and other. But often this arises as a result of strong increase of temperature inside the PC due to overheating the PSU.

Because in case of unscheduled restarts is to use a special application to check the hardware of the PC.

Fans spinning harder

Most of the modern PC is equipped with a special cooling system consisting of radiators and coolers, special fans. Moreover, the speed of rotation of the latter is regulated by the PC alone. Most often, in normal operation, rotation of moving parts almost inaudible. But it happens that the fan noise is very loud.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

Most often this happens if the sensor receives information about too high a temperature. If in this mode, the coolers run continuously, it’s a serious reason to be suspicious – perhaps the problem is a faulty PSU. In such a situation it is necessary to perform a diagnostic of special programs, conduct a visual inspection of the PSU.

Causes and solution

Reasons for change the operating mode of the power supply – a great many.

But most often this situation arises because:

  • there are a large amount of dust;
  • the cooling fans are faulty or do not work at all;
  • the individual electronic components of the PSU out of order;
  • there are some construction details;
  • a bad radiator adjacent to the surface, which must be the heat;
  • the heat conductive paste has lost its properties (hardened or otherwise);
  • work is performed with a high voltage;
  • guilty settings of BIOS and operating system of your PC.

Most of these faults can be detected simply. To eliminate them is also not difficult. Special knowledge, skills or tools are required.


One of the biggest problems of the modern computers (stationary and laptops) is static electricity. The physical phenomenon causes the appearance of large accumulations of dust and dirt. Its presence can disrupt the normal mode of removing heat from highly heated surfaces.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

To understand this problem need to:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • brush for watercolor painting.

The cleaning process is as follows:

  • you must use the Phillips screwdriver to open the PC case, and then remove all available inside the dust;

    Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

  • detach all wire connectors from the PSU to the motherboard;
  • unplug the PSU, open the cover by loosening all screws present;
  • vacuum the inside of the unit, and then to brush away the remnants of dust with a brush for drawing.

The fault of the fans

The lion’s share of heat from heat-generating parts inside the PC assign a special fans – coolers. They join the radiator and directly to the warmed surfaces via a layer of special heat conducting paste.

Often overheating is caused when these parts are simply faulty. To detect the breakdown is very simple – the temperature of the PSU increases strongly, but the fan is not spinning.

To allow this kind of situation is only one way – replace the broken fan with the new one.

This operation is extremely simple:

  • using a Phillips screwdriver about the enclosure;
  • detaches BP;
  • the unit is disassembled;
  • disconnects power from the cooler;

    Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

  • unscrewed the bolts securing the fan.

After all the above steps, it is necessary to collect everything in reverse order. But replacing the faulty fan with the new one.

Often it happens that the fan is not spinning because it got in the bearings hairs or dust. In this case, you just need to remove foreign objects and lubricate the device, the special silicone grease.

Failure of batteries

Often problems arise because of the failure of the various electronic components located directly on the PCB of the PSU. The most common cause of overheating serve swollen capacitors. To discover them, simply open the unit and inspect.

Capacitors are small barrels. If the end part opened, then the component has failed.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

Repair in this case is not as complicated as it may seem. Must buy suitable capacitors of appropriate capacity and get a soldering iron.

Replacement is as follows:

  • with a soldering iron, the legs of the capacitor gently warmed;
  • when the tin melted, tongs or tweezers component is removed from the Board;
  • soldered a new capacitor.

Must wait until the tin hardens and build of PD. After that you should test your computer.

Design features

Sometimes the subject device may overheat due to design features. Many blocks are made in a very small enclosure and is equipped with the weak fans. Therefore, the heating of the air and all surfaces is very fast, and weak cooler simply can not cope with the heat.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

To solve this problem in the following way:

  • by installing more powerful fans or additional cooling;
  • to make the PSU more holes or leave it open.

The first variant is more preferable, although it requires a certain amount of money and time to install. But it is much safer than the exposure of live electrical parts.

Loose radiator mounting

Very often problems arise due to the loose mounting of the radiator. Problems like this may occur due to sudden temperature changes – sometimes the mounting screws because of this unscrewed themselves. Often the radiator is just soldered and with strong heating leaves cooling component.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

In this case, tighten the mounting screws. If you have any problems with the soldering, then the best way out of this situation will be just replacing the PSU entirely. So how to find special solder that secures the radiator, is problematic.

Heated the power supply of the computer what to do – replace the thermal grease

Very often, the cooling elements of the personal computer is lubricated with thermal compound. It can significantly improve the thermal conductivity between the individual surfaces. If it is hardened or just lost its properties, its heat-conducting properties immediately deteriorate. This can cause overheating.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

The process of replacing the toothpaste is quite simple:

  • detaches the radiator;
  • pasta describeda with a credit card;
  • apply a thin layer of new paste;
  • is being assembled.

Excessive voltage

Another reason of violation of the mode of operation of the device in question – the high voltage supply. In this case, the PSU has to convert not standard 220 (V), but higher values are 230, 240 and even 250 (In). Accordingly, this leads to the release of excessive heat. You can handle it by installing a special voltage regulator.

Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

Also sometimes increased voltage occurs directly in the PSU. To determine its presence is by using a multimeter. When denormalized output voltages, it is best to replace the PSU.

Settings BIOS and OS

Often overheating problem helps to solve ordinary reconfigure the BIOS – many version are built with special energy-saving programs.

To include them you can also directly from the operating system.

For Windows 7:

  • open «control panel»-> «power supply»;
  • viewed «power plan»;
  • for work-conserving mode to select any other than «high performance».

    Сильно греется блок питания компьютера

What to do if the abovementioned causes are not discovered, but BP continues to overheat? The best solution will be replaced with a new.

Normal temperature required for stable operation of any equipment, especially computer.

That’s why you always should be possible to follow closely the readings of the sensors when there is a suspicion on overheating it is necessary to check the PSU. As excessive voltage, or other problems can cause serious damage to PC components.

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