Stephen Elop might sell the Xbox division and close Bing, if you lead Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

Stephen Elop may sell Xbox division and close Bing, if you lead Microsoft

Microsoft is now involved in the search for a new CEO, and one of the main candidates for this position is Stephen Elop. If he really will become the new head of Microsoft, the company can happen a radical transformation, writes Bloomberg.

It is assumed that Elop intends to strengthen the focus on the Suite of office software for iOS and Android. In addition, Bloomberg reports that Elop has other interesting plans for the future of Microsoft.

According to the internal am of publication, Elop plans to sell the Xbox division, since it is not essential for the future of the company. To put it mildly, that sounds silly, since the Xbox is one of the few truly successful businesses of the company in recent years.

Another shocking idea linked with the murder of Bing. Elop allegedly called search engine uncompetitive and believes that it brings only costs and problems for the company, and therefore he plans to close it. Now, however, it does not seem real, given the deep integration of Bing search to the new operating system Windows 8.1

The main place in the strategy of Elop is reserved for Office and enterprise products. However, all this is in contrast to the current direction of Microsoft, which wants to become a company more focused on the consumer.

: Bloomberg

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