Stephen Elop leaves Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

Stephen Elop leaves Microsoft

Стивен Элоп уходит из Microsoft

Stephen Elop leaves Microsoft. The news came from the message of the Executive Director of Satya Nadella to the employees of the company. The reason for the departure of Elop became structural changes at Microsoft, says Nadella.

In 2010, while working for Microsoft, canadian Elop was brought to the CEO of Nokia. So he became the first foreign head of the company. In February 2011, he hastened to determine the operating system of Symbian from the Finns as a «burning platform» with which the urgent need to «jump».

Nokia has «jumped». And «jumped» on Windows Phone from Microsoft. At the same time, the Finns decided to say goodbye to Symbian and the promising MeeGo.

When smartphone sales showed significant signs of recovery, Nokia refused to fight this case and sold their mobile division to Microsoft. And Elop together with the new acquisition back to the parent company, taking the post of Executive Vice President of the division of devices and services.

His departure from Microsoft just a year after his return was the final surprise in the protracted Saga of Nokia-Microsoft. According to Nadella, Elop, and he decided that the last to go. With him likely out of the budget of the company and will take a respectable amount of money in the format of the output benefits and compensation.

However, Elop’s position will not remain vacant but will be under the hood of the new group Microsoft Windows and Devices Group, which will be headed by Terry Myerson, who previously worked on the post of Executive Vice President in the division of operating systems.


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