step-by-Step setup the router ASUS RT N56U

By | 10.12.2018

Step-by-step setup the router ASUS RT N56U

Despite its prevalence, many users routers still seem a rarity, requiring complex installation and subsequent configuration changes. In fact, make it your own is a snap.

In this article we will discuss step-by-step process of initial training of the device and will guide you through all necessary settings.

Package router and

Routers this line differ not only in their functionality but also a stylish modern design. Black and glossy with wavy texture will fit well in any interior. On the front panel are blue lights showing the operation of the connected networks, and USB devices. The router is mounted vertically using a special stand.

His kit includes:

  • router;
  • stand for vertical installation;
  • network cable;
  • power supply;
  • a CD with the necessary software;
  • warranty card.

Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

Connection and preparation to work

After unpacking the first thing you need to connect the device.

To do this simple steps:

  1. connect the antenna;
  2. connect power supply unit;
  3. the cable is tipped with RJ-45 plug on one side to the LAN connector of the router, and the second – in network connector of the computer;

    Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

  4. Internet cable is your ISP connected to the WAN connector.

In this initial preparation is finished.

Input into the settings

Now go to the customization process. To properly display the device network card of the computer must be in automatic mode.

To check and change it as follows:

  • go to the menu «start» then «control Panel»;
  • then find the section «Network and Internet» and to «control Center network and sharing «;

    Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

  • then we need a top left option «Change adapter settings» in the «local area Connection»;
  • click on it right mouse button and from the drop-down menu, select «Properties»;
  • at the bottom of the window that appears find the «Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4)» and click on it;
  • here you need to make sure in the options «Obtain an IP address automatically» and «Obtain DNS server address automatically» are appropriate checkboxes if they are not already set and save the changes by pressing «OK».

Internet Configuration

General network configuration is quite simple. To do this, just need to upload the configuration file. It will configure all the default settings.

To ensure that it is correct, go to section «Internet» and then «Connection» and check the following fields:

  • in the «WAN connection Type» should be selected «Automatic IP»;
  • in the fields «Enable WAN/ NAT / UPnP» should be «Yes»;
  • also «Yes» for «Connect to DNS server automatically»;
  • in the column «Authentication» – «is Missing»;
  • if any of the settings changed – click «Apply».

Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

If you are configuring the router ASUS RT N56U for Beeline, the connection menu should look like the following:

  1. in the «WAN connection Type» you specify «L2TP or PPTP»;
  2. for «WAN IP» and «WAN DNS» should be selected the option «Obtain automatically»;
  3. in the «Account and connection» leave the username and password provided by the ISP;
  4. «Special requirements» – save the server address: «».

Wireless network

To configure your wireless network, follow the following instructions:

  • open any browser and copy it into the address bar the following directory:, then press «Enter»;
  • a window will appear with login and password (default is «admin» for both fields);
  • click «Login» and get to the page with a greeting that displays information about the router model and its characteristics;

    Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

  • click on «Go» and end up on the jobs page, a new login and password and save them;
  • in the left menu go to «advanced settings» and select «Wireless»;
  • open the «General» tab and in the access point enter the name in its sole discretion;

Important! When choosing this name is to pay attention to a small caveat: some devices, such as tablets or phones do not always correctly determine the network if the access point name begins with a capital letter. Best to start with a capital, to avoid such problems.

  • after changing the name, care about the safety connection go to the «authentication Method» and set «WPA2-Personal»;

Please note! Password connection will serve the data that we have introduced in paragraph 4.

  • setup is complete, confirm the changes.

At the end of the process included a search for the wireless network to ensure the correct display device. The router should appear in the list. Click on the name of our new network and select «Connect». Enter the password and wait for connection.


About connecting IPTV will have to take care manually, because by default this function is inactive.

To enable it:

  • go to the «Local network»;
  • select the tab «IPTV»;
  • in the section «Special applications» find the item «Enable multicast routing» and activate it;
  • click «apply» to save changes.

Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

Upon activation of this function need to change the bitrate of the stream. The default speed (20 Mbit/s) can cause interruptions in the operation of IPTV. It can be changed in the tab «Switch Control» against two parameters – «Unknown multicast storm control and Multicast storm control» must be reset.

Also worth checking the settings of the frequency range, they should be:

  • checkbox «Enable IGMP Snooping» – «Enable»;
  • in the «multicast Rate» data set the optimal parameter – OFDM 36 (or in its sole discretion).

How to reset the router ASUS RT N56U

The need to reset the router’s settings can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, the router control unit and already has a modified configuration. Instead of configuring everything manually, just reset it to factory.

Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

This can be done in the following way:

  1. pay attention to the rear panel, near the inputs for the cables is the word «Reset» and a small hole to reset;
  2. prepare a pen or other tool suitable for the size;
  3. turn on the router and wait for it to download;
  4. then hold the «Reset» button for 30 seconds;
  5. the success of the operation will notify the flashing LEDs and the device will reboot.

Video: how to flash the router

Change the password to login

The default password for the settings page of the router is «admin».

To change it:

  • go to the «Administration»;
  • in the System tab find «Password»;
  • in the fields «New password» and «Confirm password» enter a new option;
  • save the changes.

Updated the firmware

The firmware update process is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. We’ll need a configuration file and firmware.

Further – all the nuances of the updates:

  1. take out the cable from the connector «WAN» on the router;
  2. connect the computer to one of the LAN ports on the router;
  3. start the browser and go to the address:;
  4. enter the interface using your username and password (default is «admin» for both fields);

    Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

  5. Attention! If you go to this page does not work – you need to reset the device. How to do it – see the previous paragraph.

  6. this wizard can also skip simply clicking on the link:;
  7. start the update by clicking on the link with the number of the current firmware, located at the top of the page;
  8. click «Choose file» and specify the directory where preserved file of the firmware;
  9. click «Send»;
  10. wait for the installation to complete.

Important! During the process, do not unplug the router’s power.

After upgrade, proceed to configuring your router. For this you can use a special configuration file that is downloaded using this interface.


  • save the file on your computer;
  • connected PC to the LAN port of the router;
  • click on the number at the top of the page and go to tab «Manage» and then «Restore settings»;
  • here click on «Choose file» and specify a folder on the computer where it is saved;
  • «Send» and wait for the automatic reboot of the system.
  • after changing configuration file, to log in use username and password «admin».

Please note! After this process of ASUS RT-N56U will be set to the factory default settings. They allow you to connect to the router any wireless devices without having to enter a password. How to disable this feature and set a new password we discussed earlier.

Video: ASUS RT-N56U Dual-Band Wireless

Connecting USB devices

This router has two USB 2.0, placed in the panel near the entrances for cables. They can be used to connect an external hard drive or printer. To use the USB applications, you must enable AiDisk, after which the CD will be available via the Internet.

This can be done in the following way:

  • in the section «USB Application» select «AiDisk»;
  • in the configuration wizard, click «Go»;
  • go to access rights for clients;
  • create your own domain name, agree to the terms of service and click «Next» and «finish»;
  • now the disc can be used as an FTP server simply by typing in your browser the link FTP:// the name of the created domain.

Пошаговая настройка роутере ASUS RT N56U

As you can see, setup ASUS RT N56U is not complicated. I hope that in this article we have answered all possible questions that arise during this process.

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