step-by-Step setup router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

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Step-by-step setup router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

Zyxel is a world famous brand produces network and peripheral equipment of the highest class, and proven by millions of users. The quality of workmanship and ease of use will allow any beginner user to configure your Zyxel router for a short period and to work in a network.

First start up of the router

Configuring the router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 for dummies starts with the fact that the user must connect all the wires and the unit itself in the correct sequence. To do this, the user must first connect the PSU to the mains. Next, you need to connect the Internet cable to the router. Then the user must connect a second cable included with the computer.

Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

If done correctly, the body should turn on the signal in the form of a circular icon with partially crossed-out circle. It means a start of the power supply unit from the mains.

Also should turn on and the second signal in the form of a ball grid.

This signal means that the user can begin to start configuring the router.

Video:configuring the router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

Connection hardware

In the Internet there are many video «how to configure a router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2». But you can do everything on their own and without assistance. Connection network set occurs in several stages:

  1. check the network card on the computer;
  2. connecting the router to the Internet cable and the computer;
  3. configure LAN and Internet connections.

Health check of the network card when you connect the router as follows:

  • go to «start» and select the tab «control panel»;
  • select the shortcut «control center network and sharing» or the tab «network and Internet» and «control center network and sharing»;

Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  • open the option «change adapter settings»;

Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  • click the shortcut of «local area connection» right click;
  • if the connection is not connected then connect;
  • in the connection properties to allocate the string «Protocol» and click on the option «properties»;

Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  • in the window that appears, select check boxes for automatic configuration I dns-addresses;
  • last operation repeat with «Protocol 4».

If the user did everything correctly, then in the lower right corner of the desktop, the panel will have a monitor icon with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark. This means that the computer and the router connected to the network and you can proceed to the next stage of configuring the router for Internet connection.

Change factory password

After the user has made the connection hardware connection, you need to proceed to the immediate setting of the router. To get started go to the Internet browser at the address In the graph typed username «admin» and the password is 1234 .

Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

The system in the beginning to offer to change the password. The user should not refuse from this procedure must be reported immediately to change it into more challenging in order to avoid domain login for external users.

Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

After logging on to the domain will be updated in the window where you enter new data by login and password using numbers, letters, different sizes and different characters. Next, select «apply». The system saves the new data domain.

Firmware update

If during the configuration process, the router began to function in full power and right order, that is, two solutions of the problem:

  1. reset to factory;
  2. firmware update.

The first option involves a full reset of all the settings of the operation of the router and is used only in the case when the violation of the procedure for completing configuration after the connection of the device to create a network connection. This requires on the rear panel of the router press the emergency reset, then the device itself will reset all your settings.

The second option involves the upgrade version of the software. This is due to the fact that older drivers are not always compatible with the version of the operating system that can lead to failure of functioning of network equipment and the lack of Internet connection.

To solve this problem it is necessary:

  1. go to the home page of the router at, log on to the domain by entering the username and password;
  2. log to the tab «system»;
  3. select «configuration»;
  4. to highlight the line titled «firmware»;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  5. in the updated window will display the message «control file» and select «choose file»;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  6. next, select the firmware file to the latest version, the update can be downloaded from the homepage of the router is;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  7. after selecting the file with the new firmware press the option «replace»;
  8. wait until the process is complete the updates and retune and do not switch off or restart your computer;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  9. after a reboot of the router to verify the change firmware dialog box;
  10. configure Wi-Fi router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 via WEB management.

For complete configuration of the router ZyXEL there is a web interface on the home page is here you can perform the following actions:

  1. to change the communication mode of the router and the computer to improve the transmission speed;
  2. to configure additional network or change the parameters of its privacy;
  3. set up a new connection or change the connection technology with the «pppoe» «l2tp»;
  4. to check the number of connected devices and restrict access;
  5. to create a local network between computers.

Setup and connection to the Internet

If failed in the process of automatic configuration to connect to the Internet, you need to manually check and set all the connection settings for normal operation of network equipment. In this case, the question arises how to reset. The user needs to press the button on back of router to reset the configuration of all settings. Thus, the system will completely erase all your new settings. On the Internet there is a video «guide to configure ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2. But such rollers are not shown all the nuances of the settings, which subsequently leads to a failure of the Internet connection. Most often, errors of the settings occur at the stage of exploring on the home page of the router. If the user later cannot configure pppoe, it is necessary to act as follows:

  1. go to the tab «Internet»;
  2. next, select the tab «pope/vpn» and click on the option «add new connection»

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  3. in the new window select connection type as «pppoe»;
  4. to put the checkboxes in the options «enable», «use to log on to the Internet», «auto-tuning tcp-mss»;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  5. in «ip settings» select mode «automatic»;
  6. in the fields «username» and «password» are putting the data provided by your ISP to connect to the network in the contract;
  7. click on the tab «apply».

Thus, the user will create a new connection to the router to connect to the Internet.

Setting for Rostelecom, and the Home ru

Leaders in the market of providing Internet service are two companies – the Domra and Rostelecom. They use roughly similar technology connection (pppoe), so the configuration process of hardware and network connectivity similar. The same technology applies and the operator is «TTK-Chita», for example. To configure ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 for MTS, for Domra and Rostelecom will occur with the following:

  1. check electrical connections;
  2. check connection of cables and wires from devices;
  3. check the operation of the network card of the computer;
  4. automatic network configuration by using the tips in the web interface home page of the router (

This sequence of actions will be able to master both experienced and novice user.

Settings for Beeline

For the Beeline technology is used L2TP, which will require additional configuration as follows:

  1. Go to the home page of the router;
  2. In the process configuration window appears with the proposed options, where you should select «connection type – L2TP»

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  3. to put in the option «configure ip settings» the «automatic»setting;
  4. put a check mark in the option «automatically obtain dns server», «reply to ping requests to the Internet» and «enable upnp».
  5. the other parameters do not change and click on the option «apply».

If all actions to carry out strictly in accordance with the above procedure should happen automatically connect to the Internet.

Configuring and enabling Wi-Fi

To configure wireless data network on the router ZyXEL, you want to check the wi-fi module. To do this, go to the tasks pane on the tab «start» and the search bar, type «device Manager». Then the user must choose the corresponding line, and a new window will open, which will specify the functioning of the equipment.

In the new window, select the line «network adapters» and reveal the hierarchy of the line through the opening of the » + » icon. Just below it will appear the rows with connected network devices, the name of one of which will contain «wirelessnetworkadapter». Icon strings must not contain additional notes in the form of arrows on the background of the label. But if the mark still stands, then direct the mouse cursor on the line with this device and click the right button of your mouse and select the option «use».

Further configuration is not required, as wi-fi connection was configured automatically when you create a basic configuration, connect to the Internet.

Setting parameters of digital television IPTV

Since the router is ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 has a function of «IPTV», special attention should be paid to setting it up in this part. For example, Rostelecom IPTV is configured as follows:

  1. go to the home page of the router;
  2. select the tab «Internet»;
  3. next, choose the tab «connection»

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  4. the allocated string «Broadband Connection»;
  5. when a new settings window put the check boxes on the options «enable», «use to log on to the Internet»

    Пошаговая настройка роутера ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2

  6. to set automatic IP settings.

Thus, the user receives not only a good tool for working on the Internet, but also for the use of TV services without additional equipment.

Configuring the router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 should not cause significant difficulties and user, if he did not deviate from the proposed version of the selection of parameters for connecting to the Internet. This manufacturer provides the procedure automate the process of connecting and configuring network devices. Therefore, when conducting these operations must act in accordance with the tips to avoid problems and failures in operation of the device. But if you fail to do this by using the program’s automatic setup of the connection, it is possible to independently perform this procedure using the above described tips.

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