step-by-Step guide — how to reinstall Windows 7 on the laptop properly

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Step by step instructions — how to reinstall Windows 7 on my laptop correctly

Many laptops are provided with ordained version of Windows 8 which, as shown, does not suit a large number of users. Besides, Windows any version sooner or later «clogged» and also requires the reinstallation. Also the reinstallation is often caused by various problems with computers, for example, if it is not included or if it is blocked. Despite the relatively large number of actions when you reinstall Windows using this manual to install the OS will even the most inexperienced user.

Preparing to reinstall

First, you need to do is to select the partition to install Windows. As a rule, allocate a partition on a hard disk with a capacity of 50 GB.

If your computer came with an operating system should preserve all the documents needed to reinstall the OS without losing the data.

Пошаговая инструкция - как переустановить Windows 7 на ноутбуке правильно

For OS installation you need a DVD disk or USB flash drive of 8 GB, which will create a bootable installation.

The choice of OS

The most common and stable version of the OS from Microsoft is Windows 7, in some cases, reinstall Windows XP. The most decisive factor in choosing Windows is the availability of the necessary drivers. To check what version of OS your laptop has a driver, you must go to the official website of the developer and look in the support section.

Most modern laptops has driver only for Windows 88.1, some of them are suitable for Widnows 7, unfortunately, correct operation of all devices can not be guaranteed. For correct operation it is recommended to install the system for which the manufacturer provided driver.

If your laptop has more than 4 GB of RAM should select the bit systems – 32(x86) or 64(x64). To use more than 4 GB RAM it is recommended to select Windowsx64.

After selecting the version of Windows its to download. It is advisable to load the image as close as possible to the licensed version without adding additional software. This version of Windows will be more stable and will not cause additional problems during the installation of the operating system. The most common option is a license of Windows 7 ultimate.

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Creating a boot disk or USB flash drive

To load the image must be in ISO format, most of the options provided in this extension due to the ease of operation when creating a bootable USB drive or disc.

To create will need the program Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, which you can download also from Microsoft.

Install the program and go to basic actions:

  • run the program;
  • click «Browse» and specify the location of the Windows installation image in ISO format. Clicks «Next»;
  • in the next menu you must choose the type of media on which to record the installation of the Windows USB or DVD disk. If the drive is not working or is missing, then there is only one option – USB drive;
  • next is to choose the disk on which to record. After selecting, click on «Begin Copying»;
  • for flash devices, the program prompts to confirm the formatting, which you need to press «Erase;
  • on successful entry, the program will display the appropriate label.

How to reinstall Windows 7 on the laptop completely

After you create a disk or flash drive to reboot the machine. Don’t forget that all data on the drive on which you install Windows will be removed. The same care should be taken to settings for connecting to the Internet, you can contact your ISP or write your own.

To start the installation you must restart the computer and install the download from your device with the Windows installation files.

BIOS setting for install

If you reinstall the operating system from a flash drive, you must set the priority boot from a specific device, in this case a flash drive or DVD drive. This is done for installation on a computer without operating system and with it. Fortunately, most modern laptops have the function of quick select device to boot from. To call this menu when you boot the laptop uses a specific key.

With the help of this table you can choose the button for your device:

Пошаговая инструкция - как переустановить Windows 7 на ноутбуке правильно

Clicking the computer will give the selection window, the device from which it will boot first. In our case select the DVD drive or USB drive.

Пошаговая инструкция - как переустановить Windows 7 на ноутбуке правильно

There is a more complex installation option via the BIOS to blank the laptop or with the OS installed. To do this, when you start the device, go into the BIOS (the button indicated in the provided table). BIOS from different manufacturers have some differences, so the location of the settings may vary.

In the BIOS go to the section «Boot» or «Advanced BIOS Features» and set the parameter First Boot Device your device –USB drive or DVD drive. To save the settings, push F10 and select «Save and Exit». So is installing from Dos using a USB flash drive or through the BIOS from the disk.

Пошаговая инструкция - как переустановить Windows 7 на ноутбуке правильно

The reinstall process

After all the settings in the BIOS you can move on to installing the OS. If performed correctly, after boot the system will display the inscription «Press any key to boot from…». To continue press any key and waiting for download.

In this case, we consider the installation of Windows 7, other versions have slight differences, but the principle of action remains the same:

  • in the first menu of the Windows installation, select the language then click «Next»;
  • in the next section, press the «Install»button;
  • if the loaded image has several trim levels of the OS, for example, «home basic» or «maximum», then the installer prompts you to select one of the options;
  • in the next menu, you must confirm agreement with all points.

Select the type of installation

  • the program has the option to upgrade Windows, where all files will be saved in a separate folder. Despite this convenience, it is recommended to select «Full installation». This option provides the installation of the most stable and «clean» operating system.

Пошаговая инструкция - как переустановить Windows 7 на ноутбуке правильно

Format partition

  • after choosing setup, the program prompts you to select disk partition, which involves the installation of Windows. In this menu you can format or to distribute the space between your partitions on your hard disk, open the set of options «setting the disc».

Unfortunately, with these operations all information from the disk will be deleted. This feature allows you to create discs of desired size, for example, if your laptop was purchased without the axis of its hard drive is not «broken.» Don’t forget to format any blank discs after performing operations with hard disk partitions. After the completion of all select the drive and click «Next».

Пошаговая инструкция - как переустановить Windows 7 на ноутбуке правильно

  • after the copy operation, the system prompts you to enter the user name of the computer, and the password;
  • as the system security settings to protect your computer, you should choose «Recommended settings»;
  • after you select custom time, date and select «Home network» menu of Internet connection.

Attention! When you restart the computer should eject the disc or flash drive to avoid re-installing Windows.

At this stage, the Windows installation can be considered completed. Now you can install drivers and various software and utilities. If you changed the settings start the computer in BIOS is recommended to set the start first from the hard drive.

The nuances of reinstalling, if you have another OS

How to install Windows 7 on a laptop after Windows 8? Reinstallation of OS with Windows 8 doesn’t have any differences, if the hard disk is another OS from Microsoft. The only recommendation is to install a new operating system on the same partition where the current OS.

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How to reinstall Windows 7 problems? If your Windows fails to start to create a ROM or flash device, you’ll need to use another computer. Because the installation runs without starting Windows, the problems with the previous OS will not prevent installation.

In this article I described the process how to reinstall Windows 7 on a laptop without a disk formatting your hard disk partition. Thanks to the detailed description, even users with little experience will understand the principles of installing Windows 7 instead of 8. The reinstallation of the new operating system allows not only to obtain the desired version of the OS, but also to get rid of a large number of resettable software manufacturer laptops.

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