step-by-Step configuring the router d-link 2640u

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Step-by-step configuring the router d-link 2640u

This article is devoted to connect and configure the modem D-LINK 2640U . Here You will find a complete step by step instructions, learn how to connect a router using a router as setting up a secure and encrypted from other users PC’s Wi-Fi network, and Network settings for different providers.

Modem connection

In this section, we consider how to connect the modem to the computer.

First of all, the router should be connected to the power supply – insert the end of the wire from the power supply into the Jack on the back of the modem and the power socket.

On the back side of your modem (router) has 4 LAN input, It is there insert one end of blue wire supplied with the D-LINK 2640U , and the other end into the LAN port on your PCM.

Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

Be attentive: on Your router should light up the bulb with the LAN port number of the modem that You inserted the local wire. In this case, both ends of the wire should be in place (a port on PC and port on the router).

After this go to the next tab where You will be prompted to connect Your modem and splitter. Included with the modem, then another cable insert to Your splitter (splitter) and the other end of this cable put into the appropriate port on Your router – «LINE».

Factory settings

Each device has its factory settings. How to reset D-LINK 2640U to the factory, and will continue it. To reset it to factory defaults is necessary in the case if You simply can’t go to the menu of the modem settings or modem settings have been implemented correctly.

RESET function there are in each router and use it much easier than You think:

  • find at home a needle or awl, look at the back panel of Your router where You will see a small hole, signed the word «RESET»;
  • this is it: insert the needle (match), wait about 5-6 seconds. The router must be enabled.
  • after this time all the lights on the router one after the other goes out. Maybe will restart, and this means that the modem settings reset to factory. Now You know how to reset настройкиD-LINK 2640U .

Video: configuring the router D-LINK 2640U

Entrance through a web management

Each modem has its own system for web management. In the case of router D-LINK 2640U log into it through any browser on Your computer.

  • check whether you have connected the modem to the computer and the splitter (should illuminate bulb Line, and LAN);
  • then open browser (Opera, Chrome) and enter the IP address You will be in the window of the web management where you can update Your baseband and make it a setting in automatic or manual mode.

Firmware update

In section, we describe how to update the firmware of your router. After the purchase of each device, we advise You to check out a fresh firmware (update), which will ensure the reliability of its work over a longer period of time.

  • first of all, you need to determine such characteristics as the hardware revision of the modem. Look on your router (usually the lower lid) label on which is written a few lines. Among these lines find the one that is signed by the letters «H/WVer». You and she need;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • after that will be only two characters – a letter and number. For Example, A1. This is the hardware revision;
  • let it be C4.
  • next, go to the FTP server of D-Link and search for the desired firmware in accordance with the details;
  • after that check whether you have connected Your router to your PC or laptop. Open any browser, type in the browser’s network address is, enter Your username and password (default to the factory settings and so, and so is admin). Click on the «log in»;
  • go to the tab «Configure manually», and from there to the «System Update» and click on «Browse»;
  • select the downloaded firmware file and click on «Update»;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • don’t turn off Your computer and router. Wait for the updates modem;
  • on this update firmware D-Link 2640U completed.

The parameters of the ADSL connection

The parameters of the ADSL connection is very important, because from them will depend on both the speed of Your Internet connection and its uptime.

As described earlier, navigate to the panel web control Your modem:

  • opening the browser, in the address bar type Enter your username and password (default is admin/admin) and click login;
  • go to the «Network» tab in the WAN section. If the router is just purchased, you must delete all connections. Use the «Delete» button;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • next, click on the «Add» button and enter your settings for the Internet connection;
  • and then follow the instructions below, because the parameters of the ADSL connections are directly dependent on Your Internet provider.

How to configure a router D-LINK 2640U for providers

To connect the router D-LINK 2640U, you need to first connect the router to the computer.

If You do not have a separation signal when the desired simultaneous operation of telephone and Internet, do the following:

  • LAN cable one end connect to the PC and the other to one of the ports on the back of the modem;
  • the second cable plug into the only port on the modem and on to the special socket for the mobile phone;
  • if You have a phone, you have to use a special device – «the divider» or otherwise splitter, the second cable will need to connect to it;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • next, set auto-connect IP address and DNS servers.
  • then in the browser enter and hit Enter. Enter your username and password (default is admin/admin);
  • log in to the web panel, under WAN begin by creating a new connection («Add» or «Add»);
  • next we need to specify the connection settings. Each provider is their connection settings. Follow the instructions below!


  • open a browser, type in address bar and hit Enter/;
  • enter your username and password (default is admin/admin) and click login;
  • go to the tab «Network», and from there to the section «WAN». Clean all of your Internet connection by using the «Delete»button.

Then begins configuring the router D-LINK 2640U Rostelecom.

Click on the «Add» button and enter the following parameters:

  1. type: PPPoE;
  2. port: new DSL;
  3. name: cannot be changed. Put a tick on the word «Allow»;
  4. set VPI/VCI, LLC;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  5. go to the PPP unit and enter Your username and password, which You received from ISP;
  6. check the «KEEPALIVE»;
  7. if You have IPTV, then check on the word IGMP.

Ready – click on the «Save» button twice (including the WAN tab). Wait 1-2 minutes and You connect to the Internet, provided that you have entered the correct data.


  • so, first of all, connect Your modem to your PC and the splitter;
  • next you need to set up automatic obtaining IP addresses and DNS servers;
  • in the case of WINXP go to the following address in the settings using «start menu», go to «control Panel», where choose «Network connections» and «local area Connection»;
  • select «TCP/IP» and go to its properties. Check the obtain an IP address and DNS servers automatically;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • open the browser and enter the address Enter your username and password (default admin/admin) and click Login;
  • on the main page, select the WAN tab, and click «add (add)».

Specify the following options:

  1. VPI=0;
  2. VCI=35;
  3. type PPPoE;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  4. then fill in your login (username) and password (password) you received from your provider when making the connection.
  5. tick «KEEP ALIVE».

The rest of the pages just skip the NEXT button and confirm the settings to APPLY. Click FINISH and complete the router setup. After a couple of minutes the connection will be established.


  • connect Your router to the power supply, then connect the modem to the PC and the splitter. How this is done, we wrote to You above;
  • turn on the computer to obtain IP address and DNS servers automatically. How this is done, was written under Domolink;
  • open a browser and type in the address Enter Your username and password (default admin/admin);
  • configure Your modem with the auto-connect function. To do this, in the HOME tab, check the box on line DSL Auto-connect;
  • if you do not specify the DSL Auto-connect, to configure the modem have to manually;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • enter the VPI and VCI as specified by the operator. For further can call their referral service;
  • select the connection type PPPoE, enter your username and password;
  • next, select the default service and the gateway, as required by this provider and click on NEXT. The page setup NAT to not touch, and go on;
  • turn on the DHCP server and set a range of IP addresses. For example, and Confirm settings and save. If done correctly, then after 1-2 minutes the Internet connection will be established.


Go to the settings menu of Your router through the web control. And this in the browser type and hit Enter. Enter the username and password, click on the log command.

Uncheck the DSL Auto-connect, and then proceed to configure the modem:

  1. VPI – 1;
  2. VCI – 32;
  3. type: PPPoE;
  4. Encapsulation Mode: LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING;
  5. Username and Password ISP;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  6. Service name: empty field;
  7. Authentication Method: PAP (For Ukrtelecom OGO);
  8. then everywhere all at default.

Save and wait about a minute until the router reboots.

Configuring the modem in router mode

The modem can be configured in router mode and in a mode «bridge». To configure the modem in router mode you should open the panel web control. To do this, open the browser and type in address bar Enter Your username and password (default is admin/admin), log in to the dashboard and navigate to the WAN configuration. Now you will need to fill in the network parameters that you can ask Your provider, or read in the sections above.

Wi-Fi network

Go to panel of the web management of Your router:

  • in the browser line, type the address;
  • enter the username and password (default is admin/admin). On the HOME tab, go to «Wireless» (wifi);

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • check line Enable Wireless, enter SSID and enter any network name, according to Your desire;
  • confirm all this with the button «Apply».

There will be a reboot.

Proceed to configure wifi, now you can enter security settings on your network:

  • select your network by name, field encryption type (Network Authentication) complete the option WPA2-PSK. WPA pre-shared Key – enter your password;

    Пошаговая настройка роутера d-link 2640u

  • item complete the WEP Encryption option to AES. Confirm your choice;
  • next go to the tab «Tools» (Tools) and select in the left menu, the «System» (System). Save on the appropriate button.

In this article we have considered all the options settings router D-Link DSL-2640U from connecting it to power supply and Your PC to the Internet settings for different providers. We hope that this article was able to fully reveal the answers to your questions.

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