stay safe online: 5 key tips

By | 10.12.2018

Security in your network: 5 actionable tips

Find the right information online or aimless walking around the sites, checking email can sometimes lead to undesirable consequences. Viruses, malware, online scams and many other nasty things await users of the global network. To try to avoid this, you must follow the rules for online safety.

Work on another computer

If your computer have access to several persons, or it is installed for use, for example, in an Internet cafe, do not enter sites that require your password. If those sites contain your personal and financial data, and you forgot to log out from your account, you can easily capture the crooks.

Don’t forget to remove the traces of the network from the browser’s history.

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Checking e-mail and letters from unknown senders

If you received a letter from strangers, do not open attached files. Most of these emails are viruses. Send back this letter with the question: «What is in the attached file?».

Now, in principle, mail services and others, send such emails to spam. But the spam filter is not always effective.

Pop-UPS on websites

Even clicking «NO» to the question «please Open the window? «the person is already on your personal device and on a some part of data on that website.

So don’t click on pop-UPS, but simply close the page. Or in your browser settings indicate: «do Not show pop-UPS».

Download free programs

Many, even very well known, programs are available for free download, can be upgraded by hackers and contain viruses. So try not to download them from obscure websites.

After all, embedded in your computer virus when you install a program can not only transfer your data to the network, but to disable the system. Therefore it is better to go to the official website of the developer of this software.

The same password for many services

Use the same password to all of your mailbox, frequently visited sites and programs, if it is stolen or hacking can lead to loss of access to all resources, and almost at the same time. And then try to recover the password can be very difficult.

Passwords should not consist only of dates, names or surnames. Passwords must differ by at least one letter or number.

If you consider these tips, it is a very good level will ensure the safety of yourself and your personal data on the Internet. But again, be on the alert all the same it is necessary, because every day from unscrupulous users there are more and more malicious plans and ideas.

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