Start Screen Unlimited. Useful functions on the start screen of Windows 8/8.1

By | 09.12.2018

Start Screen Unlimited. Useful functions on the start screen of Windows 8/8.1

Without a doubt, start screen is one of the most discussed and criticized aspects of Windows 8. Although Microsoft has tried to improve his options for more fine-tuning, and even provided the ability to skip it is necessary to boot directly to the desktop, most users of the new operating system is still very the name are not satisfied.

Over the past two years developers have released a whole ton of different programs designed to improve in every way the start screen. All these tools perform different functions: for example, some allow you to use animated picture as start screen background, while others do home screen, compact, forbidding him to work in full-screen mode. However, Microsoft is also not sitting idle, and even finished work on a new update that will be released soon, but did not offer us anything new, though, and add to home screen button to turn off/restart the computer.

However, if you really need to be able to control your computer directly from the start screen, then wait for the above mentioned updates you will not necessarily have. Menu you can add already, for example, using a small program called Start Screen Unlimited.

Free version of Start Screen Unlimited adds a home screen, a small panel, which includes a string to search for in the Internet through Google (search results open in your default browser), press the power button (sleep, hibernate, shutdown and restart), the reference to the control panel and the date and time. This panel can be placed in any part of the home screen.

Start Screen Unlimited. Полезные функции на начальном экране Windows 8/8.1

Paid version of Start Screen Unlimited offers 3D menus and automatic update. At the same time, the free version includes no ads and no sets in any additional and unnecessary software.

The application is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8/8.1.

Start Screen Unlimited

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