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By | 10.12.2018

Test system stability

The need for a test to check for the stability of the systemcan occur in several cases. For example :

1. In the event of a «Blue screen of death».

2.In case of errors in the graphics card. How to check graphics card described earlier.

3.In the case of partial replacement of components (e.g., CPU or video card on the newer models ) or if you install additional hard drives. In short , in case of increase of the power consumption of the system unit, in order to know cope power supply with the increased load or not.

4. For prevention. Because some of the details of the power supply and the motherboard (capacitors) over time lose their properties that affect the stability of the voltage of the main power circuits . Also, for the measurement of the heating components of the system unit and Troubleshooting in case of heating the latter to a maximum and above normal temperatures.

5. When overclocking a computer.

Since , during the test, the components of the system unit are subjected to stress loads, we can easily find out the weaknesses of the latter and in a timely manner , or by way of Troubleshooting. To use in this case will the program Everest. Soft pay, but that’s not the problem, the search engines will help.

In order to start the test, decide what we from these results is necessary. So we need a CPU temperature, hard drive, motherboard. And voltage which produces a power supply , namely 5, 12, (3,3) Volts. As for the food , the standard ( ATC) permits the change of the power is not more than 5 % from the initial ( under load and operation in idle ). On this basis do stress analysis.

With regard to temperatures. The CPU temperature for many hours , close to 100% load should not exceed 55 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees when operating in idle. The temperature of the hard drive should not rise above 43 — 45 , and ideally of 30 — 35 degrees. Although there are models who feel comfortable and at 45. The temperature of the motherboard should not exceed 50 — 55 degrees, and ideally 30 — 35, although incidents of overheating of the chipset are extremely rare .

Now actually getting down to business. Run the program Everest, select the item (Service) — ( Test the system stability ) .

Тест стабильности системы

The window opens in the upper left corner which can choose the device, the test which we plan to hold. It’s enough to put or remove a tick next to the selected device.

The following field — statistics. Here we can choose a convenient form of display of statistical data. My preference, Statistics menu, which displays data in a table. After that click on the mouse (button) Start , run the test and wait at least 30 min.

Тест стабильности системы

30 minutes I did not wait, only 15 but it was enough in order to understand the problems still there.

Proceed, as you can see from the screenshot, the maximum CPU temperature 41 degrees, the average 39 — which in itself is very good. The temperature of the cores, miss — we’re not interested in.

Winchester is kept at 36 degrees — perfect.

Again , cases of overheating of the chipset of the motherboard is extremely rare, so to stop this we will not . But if wants to know you can see in the Everest program, the computer menu , the sensors tab, there you can see all the information on the temperature and voltage, ranging from processor to graphics card.

The supply voltages are all good ( deviations of more than 5% not observed). The only thing is the voltage of the processor ( 1.09 In ) of the minimum (1,2) — high , but in fact , these indicators are not a problem , because the tested processor support технологиюCool’n Quiet .

Cool’n’quiet technology reduce the speed and energy consumption of the Central processor of AMD processor series Athlon 64. Its action consists in lowering frequency and voltage in case of incomplete utilization of the CPU. The aim of this technology is to reduce overall power consumption and heat dissipation, thereby allowing to reduce the rotation speed of the fan, hence the name «Cool’n’quiet».

Well , it seems to be. I wish you successfully pass the test.

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